…And the Club O. Freedom Award Goes to......

as_seen_on.jpgtrophy_copy.jpgJoAnne, who failed to look at a calendar and celebrated Father’s Day one whole week EARLY. She is here by awarded the Club Organized Freedom Award! Here’s her story in her own words.

June 15, 2015
We just celebrated Father's Day, when really it is next Sunday. In a panic (because we weren't ready) my adult daughter and I made and decorated a cake, bought wonderful ingredients for a special brunch and supper and went to his favorite restaurant to buy a gift certificate (it was closed...we were upset...really thought it was last minute!!!!).
Well he WAS surprised with the big celebratory event. My daughter insisted that because we ALWAYS do things on the wrong day - birthdays, Mother's Day (except Christmas which is Dad's birthday too) and Father's Day that we HAD to be ready to celebrate because we MUST celebrate on the RIGHT day or Dad would be disappointed.... 

A good laugh was had by all, and now he expects further Happy Treatment next Sunday as well. This was the first time in all our sidetracked lives that we were early instead of late, and we have a good sense of humor about all the rushing around we did!


If we’d just look at a calendar every day as part of our morning routine, we’d always celebrate events when they’re supposed to happen. Of course there is something very dramatic and fun in rushing around, thinking we’re under the gun only to find out the gun is a week away! Truth is, we SHEs are addicted to adrenalin, and an episode like this gives us our fix!

 I think JoAnne and her daughter are onto something very big! We could decide to celebrate every event (except Christmas) one week early. We know we’ll be racing around to meet the hour deadline, but we’ll have bought a whole week of time and so what if we don’t quite meet the hour deadline!

Could there be other ways to get that fix?

 Perhaps a good adventure movie or some carnival rides would give us a hit.    

How do we get our little sidetracked selves to look at a calendar every morning? Do you have any ideas that work for you? I have my calendar out on my desk. It’s the last thing I look at when I leave my office at night and the first thing I see in the morning. Flylady has her calendar on the wall in her bathroom where she writes down her weight every day.

If you’re like JoAnne, always celebrating on the wrong day, think of a way to get your calendar out in the open in a place you go every day.

I wrote this before Father's Day, but I was thinking it’d be a good essay for helping us remember the Fourth (which is only 10 days away). Don't make that potato salad yet, but you could start getting your red, white and blue decorations out today. The 4th of July is always about freedom! I’m so grateful to be an American and live in a free country! JoAnne took freedom from being late to a new level. We need to celebrate this woman and her daughter’s desire to celebrate early! Congratulations girls! 

If you want to be in Club Organized, be sure to take the entrance exam. Answer “yes” to five scenarios and you’re in! http://blog.makeitfunanditwillgetdone.com/can-you-pass-this-test-not-if-youre-a-bo Speaking of free, it’s free to belong. There are no dues, no meetings, just a sisterhood of slobs (slob stands for Spontaneous, Lighthearted, Optimistic and Beloved) who come together in spirit for insight, friendship and freedom from clutter and chaos.





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