Save that Halloween CANDY for Christmas

Posted by Pam Young

Oct 29, 2018 5:45:00 AM



Halloween is wearing a costume. Halloween is scary. But the biggest thing Halloween is, is HalloweeCANDY!

You know your kids are going to bring home a pillowcase full of it and you know you'll have CANDleft-over after the last witch leaves your porch.

So the question is, What can you do with all that HalloweeCANDnow?


In this video you'll get some great ideas for decorating with that left-over sugar.

I Hope You'll Want To

SHE Don’ts for Halloween

Posted by Pam Young

Oct 25, 2018 5:34:00 AM

9 SHE Don'ts for Halloween


SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) have to be  very cautious when any big holiday comes around and Halloween is no exception. The excitement, assisted by our amazing creative abilities, can send us over the holiday edge into over-doing. The following DON’Ts will help you think twice before you make any big Halloween moves. (This photo was taken in 2016. We were dressed as Trump and Hillary before the election.)

I Hope You'll Want To

A Twist to Halloween Costumes for Infants

Posted by Pam Young

Oct 19, 2018 5:55:00 AM


Now that I'm a great grandma, my creative right brain kicked in with a new idea for you if you know an infant you'd love to put in a costume for Halloween. Stop! Why not decorate the baby's carrier instead of the poor baby. They've gone through enough recently! So now I'm going to send you to watch a video of my latest appearance on the live television show I appear on regularly. 

Note: sometimes it can be slow to stream so be patient because it's worth the wait! Here's the link 

I Hope You'll Want To

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