How to Avert Two Common Spousal Spats

Posted by Pam Young

Feb 11, 2020 6:00:00 AM


With Valentines Day just around the corner, here are two marital spats that can disturb your peace and the romance of this special celebration of love. If you’ve been married very long, you’ve probably had a form of both of them. Fortunately there is a solution to both common spats: GPS and hors d'oeuvres.


GPS, eliminates a common marital fight: “the map fight.” Most husbands expect their wives to be natural navigators. Most wives are not. The map fight most commonly occurs when the husband is driving on an unfamiliar freeway at 70 mph and he tosses the map to the wife and says, “Where are we?” If she’s like me, she can only read the map when the car and the map are going in the same direction and that’d be north. South is out of the question, because it’s just too hard to read a map upside-down.      

I wasn’t prepared for the real world of marriage. My parents had three four fights in their entire marriage of 60+ years. It was always over the same issue. Dad would lose track of time fishing and as it started getting dark, Mom would get worried. The fight looked something like this. He’d come in the door wearing his waders and holding his fly rod in one hand and a couple trout on a string in the other. He’d hang his head with a beseeching, I’m-sorry look and Mom would shake her head, tighten her lips and sigh with a mix of disgust and relief that he hadn’t drown. My sister and I would run to our room, sure this would end our happy home because they were going to divorce and we’d be put in foster care.

In my first marriage, I learned quickly I was in for some advanced education.

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The Date Doesn't Matter

Posted by Pam Young

Jan 1, 2020 6:00:00 AM



It's New Year's Day. Looking back at this last Christmas, how would you rate yours on a scale of one to ten? Many of you would give this Christmas a ten. We all want ten Christmases, but sometimes it doesn't happened. Our Christmas hung around a two this year, because of me. Ordinarily I wouldn't share negative news with you, because God doesn't look back so we shouldn't either. The only reason I'm sharing this with you is because I've learned, once again, some valuable lessons through the negative experience.

The main lesson is I'm not good at allowing people to help me. I love to give, but receiving doesn't come naturally. It's probably because women are innate caregivers. It's in our DNA so that we'll take care of our babies 24/7. But we can learn to receive care too and that's what I had to do (and am still working on).

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Merry Christmas from the Cheddar Family

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 24, 2019 7:58:31 PM

The Cheddar Family is the mouse family that lives in Pam & Terry’s home.)

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We Always Have a Choice

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 11, 2019 5:30:00 PM

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a small part of my family and an interesting thing happened to me. I had to make a big choice, and it wasn't between having turkey or ham .

The feast was held in a spectacular home of a person who shall remain nameless, because of his fame. There were four adult women, including me, three adult men and two lovely teenagers present for the holiday.

I’m so used to cooking, and I love to do it, I just assumed I’d be part of the creation of the meal, but the woman of the house was so organized and had such command of her kitchen that I was rendered useless. It made me realize for the first time that when I “do it all” in my kitchen, which I tend to do, I’m rendering my guests “useless.” I vowed to change that when I got home. Maybe “useless” is too harsh a word, but I chose it, because the other two women did get assigned jobs as I sat on the sidelines like an old, benched athlete.

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We Got Paid to Go to a Party

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 3, 2019 3:52:49 PM



For Thanksgiving, we went back east to be with some of our family. You no doubt heard about the storms and flights cancelled by the thousands. Our flight home was scheduled to depart at 6:20 am so we got up at 4:00 to get to the airport in time to catch our flight.

The announcement came at 6:00 am as we sat in an early, morning daze, full of turkey and sugar from the day before. Our flight was delayed because of “an emergency mechanical problem.” We never learned what that was. Passengers at the gate put on puzzled and confused faces and there was a general air of curiosity about the reason. But more important we wanted to know when it’d be fixed.

An hour went by and another announcement broke our collective wait. “We’re sorry for the delay. We’re issuing food vouchers so you can have something to eat while you wait. At this point in time we do not know a time.” The food vouchers were good at any of the restaurants in the airport, so we took ours and had breakfast in a nice grill.

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A Thanksgiving to Remember

Posted by Pam Young

Nov 12, 2019 1:20:00 PM

I wrote this poem when I was a young mother of three. I had volunteered to host our family’s traditional Thanksgiving Feast for the first time, and the poem tells the whole story. It has become somewhat of a tradition in itself, as I share it every year with you. Watch the video.
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Fun with Holiday Food

Posted by Pam Young

Nov 11, 2019 10:22:03 AM

Holiday food is always fun, unless of course it's your last meal and you're on death row eating it right before Christmas. That can't be fun. Now with that said, to change the subject, what does a log cabin, a snowman, a sleigh, penguins and an igloo have in common? You probably said, "Snow or cold weather." Okay, you're right, but when you're through reading this blog you'll be able to say, "Holiday Food."



Let's start with the log cabin. It's a pepperoni log cabin. It was inspired by the witch's words in Hansel and Gretel, "Nibble, nibble on my house, who is nibbling like a mouse?"

To make the cabin, you'll need a loaf of white bread, eight sticks of pepperoni about 12" long, a package of sliced pepperoni, a package of cream cheese and a cup of Fage (Greek yogurt). To make the mortar, mix a cup of cream cheese with a cup of yogurt and season to your taste by adding garlic powder, onion powder and salt (stay away from any colored spices as you'll want the mortar to be white).Home for the Holidays

Cut the pepperoni sticks in half for the six" logs, cut off the rounded part of two slices of bread (so you have squares) for the roof and put them in the oven at 200 degrees to dry them out. Cut the crusts off four slices of the bread and cut them into squares theyt will fit into the middle of the cabin for support. (You'll need more support for the roof and you can use more slices of bread cut smaller and smaller, or a roll works nicely.) Build your log cabin using the mortar mixture (don't even try to put slots into the logs so they fit together, you're going to eat the thing, not live in it). 

To make the roof, put the dried bread slices in place using the mortar mixture for "glue" and dab a little mortar on the pepperoni slices (shingles) and starting at the bottom of each slice, lay the shingles on in rows right up to the peak. (Be liberal with the mortar.) Use cherry tomatoes to adorn the peak of the roof. Use cauliflower around the cabin (it sorta looks like bushes covered in snow.)

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SHE Don’ts for Thanksgiving

Posted by Pam Young

Nov 9, 2019 2:09:18 PM




SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) have to be very cautious when any big holiday comes around and Thanksgiving is no exception. The excitement accompanied by our amazing creative abilities can send us to places that make great material for sitcoms, full-length movies and can't-put-down novels. If you don’t want to slip over the holiday edge this year, the following DON’Ts will help you think twice before you make any festive moves.

By the way, that's a fake turkey that matches my fake smile. I use that turkey as one of my festive holiday decorations. It's been know to make a visitor's mouth water. Fake apples, oranges and lettuce. Real hair.


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Let's Practice More Tolerance

Posted by Pam Young

Oct 25, 2019 6:00:00 AM




You probably saw Ellen sitting by President Bush at a football game in Dallas and they were laughing. Caught having fun with George, caused Ellen to comment about the encounter. She's very liberal, but gracious to discuss the divide in our country today. She said she doesn't like to see people wearing fur, but she has good friends who wear fur and she doesn't cut them out of her life because of it. She really encouraged us to be kinder and more tolerant.

A few years ago my son Michael and his wife Meredith were invited by the FOX network to go to the Super Bowl and Terry and I were invited to babysit the two grandchildren Jack age eight and Brooklyn age 11. I have such fun with these two! (They're probably 2 and 5 in this photo of them taking a "pretend" bath.).

The first night we were with them, when it was bedtime they both wanted me to tell them a bedtime story. Since they slept in separate rooms I sat in the hallway with the light on so they could both see me if they sat up and it was easy for them to hear me. I love to make up bedtime stories because I never know what I’m going to say myself. I guess I should say Nelly (my inner child) loves to hear my stories or maybe she's the one who makes them up? Whatever, I love todo it.

In the story, you'll see why I've titled this blog, "Let's Practice More Tolerance."


Here's the story:

Rabbit Ears, Elephants, and Donkeys

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Halloween CANDY for Christmas

Posted by Pam Young

Oct 23, 2019 5:00:00 AM



Halloween is wearing a costume. Halloween is scary. But the biggest thing Halloween is, is HalloweeCANDY!

You know your kids are going to bring home a pillowcase full of it and you know you'll have CANDleft-over after the last witch leaves your porch.

So the question is, What can you do with all that HalloweeCANDnow?


In this video you'll get some great ideas for decorating with that left-over sugar.

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