Happy Mother’s Day! Adult Children…Pay Up!

Posted by Pam Young

May 12, 2019 5:38:00 AM



This is a “what if” blog and it’s just for fun so don’t get all twirled up like it’s political! It isn’t meant to provoke any kind of political narrative to anger you into a public demonstration with signs that say, “Pay Up.”


Let’s start by pretending that on Mother’s Day all adult children owe money to their mothers. Not roses, not brunch, not candy, a call or cards (although those are all really nice too), but MONEY. Here goes…

The reasons for this yearly expense are many, but primarily it’s because a full-time mom never gets paid for her work, which is THE most important work on the planet. No other profession compares with the importance of this job and the world will NEVER address this lack of appreciation.  So what if it were up to the children to do that. After all, who carried them nine months? Nursed them? Rocked them? Changed their diapers? Dressed them? Wiped them? Sang to them? Taught them to ride their bikes? Have good manners? Tie their shoes? Talk? Walk? Pretty much everything we adults can do is because of our moms day-in-and-day-out, 24/7 care.

So what if Mother’s Day was treated the same way our country treats April 15, the day our income tax returns are due? The agency would be called the MRS (Maternal Revenue Service), instead of IRS. The amount of money one owes to the MRS would depend on the income of the child, just like your taxes do? In other words the more successful the adult child is the more it would have to pay.

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A Failed Garden Has its Perks

Posted by Pam Young

May 9, 2019 12:45:31 PM





If you're a SHE, no doubt growing a garden is tempting, but before you go all out to plant one (as I did in 2015), watch this video! 

The biggest lesson learned was.....well watch the video and you'll find out.

There are just some things we SHEs should not attempt.


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Casserole for Easter Breakfast

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 19, 2019 5:21:00 AM

Happy Easter! May you truly enjoy the magic of this holy time.

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It’s Fun to Feel (you fill in the blank)

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 18, 2019 5:52:00 AM



Terry and I have been taking vitamin supplements from Jigsaw Health for six years because they were recommended by my physician who has helped my husband and me get healthy on a Paleo diet. We don’t know whether to blame our good health on the low-carb diet, the vitamins or a combination of both. We keep hearing that supplements are useless, but I’m just not ready to go along with that theory, because of our good health.

With my last order of vitamins they sent me a gift (probably because I’ve been such a good customer for so many years). It was a t-shirt that says: “It’s fun to feel good.” Yes, it is fun to feel good, but that sentence got me to thinking.


We humans came here to have fun. Life is supposed to be fun and when it isn’t it means one thing, we’re not in alignment with the reason we’re here. Whatever you call the power that is within the Christ, God, inner being or some other name, it wants you to feel good. That idea, “It’s fun to feel good,” is a great place to start with an exercise in having fun right where you are right now.


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Brilliant Way to Let Go of Clothes You're Not Wearing

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 17, 2019 5:39:00 AM


A Fun Way to Gradually Streamline Your Wardrobe:


 The Farewell Wearing Ceremony

Spring is what I call my ex-husband season. My ex was always unpredictable and the only thing predictable about him was his unpredictability. Before you unconsciously store the warm sweaters, knits and jackets that are for colder days, to make room in your closet for your spring clothes, remember how ex-husbandy spring’s weather can be and join me in a few Farewell Wearing Ceremonies.

What’s a Farewell Wearing Ceremony? It was coined by my good friend Krista. She’s very organized and she always looks great in her clothes. I used to see her once a week because we sang in a chorus together. She shared with me this fabulous idea she partakes in regularly to keep her wardrobe reflecting just what she loves and therefore wears. I just had to tell you about it, before you unconsciously store your warmer clothes that perhaps have seen better days. 

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It's Never Too Late to Say Thank You!

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 17, 2019 5:10:00 AM


Putting off writing a thank you note can drain your energy

I was talking to a good friend of mine who is definitely a BO, and I asked her, “Have you ever not written a thank you note for a gift or for having a meal at someone’s house and such?” She answered immediately, “Oh no! Never! Energy drain!” She’s a massage therapist and has studied a great deal in the holistic health field. She went on, “If I didn’t take care of a thank you as soon as possible, I wouldn’t be able to get my mind off the person. Why would someone not take care of it right away?”

Well, Miss BO, here’s why! We’re creative. Our creativity gets in the way of getting a quickie thank you off in the mail (it takes less than five minutes to write a thank you note, address an envelope and put a stamp on it).

We were devastated!

 Years ago, my sister’s neighbor was killed in a freak accident (a tree fell on him in their backyard) and we were all devastated. His poor wife was left with three small children and our hearts were broken for the family.

 My sister spent an hour at the Hallmark store looking for just the right sympathy card, but none seemed to fit the situation. She went home and called me saying she’d like to write her own sentiment and could I help her. Of course I was moved to be part of a thoughtful note to convey our sympathy. I told her to write something and I would make it rhyme.

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You Are Your Own Best Teacher

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 12, 2019 6:13:00 AM



You are Your Own Best Teacher


If you're a good sleeper, could you teach another person the best way to fall asleep? Probably not, because drifting off to sleep is unique to each person. Terry says I fall asleep within four or five minutes from the moment I put my head on my pillow. If I tried to impose my falling asleep techniques on you I would be remiss. 

Only you can figure out the best way to fall asleep. Sure I could give you some suggestions like, don’t have a television set in your room, turn off the lights and don’t have any electronically glowing digits announcing the exact time, but as far as the ritual that will put you to sleep, it has to be yours alone.

I could not fall asleep in the nude (I’ve tried it and every time, I’ve ended up putting pajamas on.) Mind you I didn’t say nightgown. I can’t sleep in nightgowns because the thought that it will end up all bunched up around my sweaty armpits by morning keeps me awake. I have to have pajamas on and the waist can’t be too tight and I don’t like button up tops because the buttons get between my breasts and bug me.


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De-junking Question of the Day

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 11, 2019 5:03:00 AM



Would you buy this at Goodwill?


In a recent blog I wrote about de-junking I said, “In deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, ask this question: ‘Would I buy this at Goodwill?’” Just that question opens your eyes to the item you’re looking at. If you were at Goodwill, would you buy this? Because when you’re buying something secondhand, you take your blinders off and put your scrutiny lenses on.

I Was Blind and Now I See!  

At home, your blinders allow you to relax in private and not see what you don’t want to see, just like your sunglasses keep the sun from hurting your eyes. Your home isn’t subject to scrutiny until you’re going to have company at which time you get out your reality glasses and see with “company eyes.”

If you'll put your timer on for 15 minutes and spend that time looking for stuff you wouldn’t buy at Goodwill, you’ll probably be able to fill up a box to give away or pitch. As I wrote that sentence, it inspired me to do just that. So, I’ll be back in 15 minutes if I don’t get sidetracked and end up taking a bath or sweeping the deck.


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Maybe it's Time for a New Bathrobe

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 10, 2019 6:12:00 AM

Is it Time for a New Bathrobe?

Revised from a blog in 2016. If you clip on that movie clicker deal you can listen to this blog.

I decided it's time for Terry and me to get new bathrobes. Mine is 20 years old and I bought it at a garage sale. It’s heavy and comfy and if I write too much about it here, I’m apt to talk myself out of dumping it. (Maybe I should keep it as my winter robe. On some of those cold winter nights I've found such refuge in it. I also feel spiritual in it sometimes, because it has a hood and when I put it over my head, I feel like St. Francis. Okay, okay it’s going in storage until November when my winter sweaters and coats come out of waiting.

Terry’s robe is another story. It is downright scary! It’s blue plaid velour and after the first washing it lost most of its “lour” and because the arms were too long he cut them off and insisted I didn’t need to hem his alteration project. So I didn’t, leaving the ends frayed in strings that grow longer with every washing.

The thing is, I never think to go bathrobe shopping and only when I’m pampered with a luxurious white terrycloth robe in a fancy hotel do I think it’s time to spring for a new “morning” look.

A Saint and a Blue Man

Terry and I have changed our routine this year and I don’t shower, dress and make the bed first thing in the morning anymore.

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Want to Get Organized? 7 Things You Should Know

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 9, 2019 5:53:00 AM


Have you HAD it with your disorganized life? 


No matter how old you are, it's never too late to get out of your mess. 

I was 34 years old when I hit bottom. Someone said, “The bottom is a great place to be because there’s nowhere to go but up.” Not until I hit bottom did I surrender to my situation and ask for the guidance that’s available 24/7. That’s when miracles happen. In that moment of surrender I was reminded that even though I was in a mess, I was in the right place with the right people, I was just fine and the only element I really lacked was direction. Following a direction is a spiritual issue.

In my almost 42 year career helping moms get organized, I’ve come to one big conclusion about it: it’s about mind management, not time management. There are thousands of books giving you direction, but until your mind is changed the direction won’t be followed.

Angel Speak

I’d like you to pretend I’m one of your guardian angels and you've prayed to get organized and I’ve been assigned to work your case. I love the assignment because I’ve always loved you and to work with you personally is exciting to me!

So, I’m sitting on your chest when you wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to see you open your beautiful eyes so we can start our fabulous day together. But you’re so tired, you miss the joy before you. I should have known that’s how it’d be because you played on the computer until 2:00 am and every time I tried to get you to go to bed, you ignored me. 

When you finally went to bed, I wished you a wonderful night’s sleep, but you didn’t hear me because you conked out before I was finished talking to you.  Anyway, now it’s morning and you stagger to the bathroom, tripping over shoes you left in the pathway to the toilet. (I was able to block your fall.) By the way, I love to hear you swear! We don’t get to do it here in heaven, so it’s fun to hear (sort of like when you first tried out a swear word when your mom wasn’t close enough to hear).

As your days progress I try to get a few words in edgewise. Little suggestions like, “Look at your calendar Love,” “Get a drink of water Sweet One,” “That job won’t be that bad, put your timer on for 15 minutes and start Darling,” “Don’t take that comment personally, what he thinks of you is none of your business,” oh and “God loves you,” “I love you,” and “Please be kind to yourself Blessed One.” 

Sometimes you listen and take my guidance, but most times you just don’t hear me or you say, “I’m too busy, too tired or I don’t have time. (I really get a kick out of that last one!  I wish you knew how funny you are when you say, “I don’t have time.” LOL My Adorable One, you have all the time in the world.)

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