Quarantine! Making Fun of It

Posted by Pam Young

Apr 18, 2020 1:52:54 PM



Maggie hasn't learned social distancing and probably your dogs haven't either. Her joy and fun-loving spirit haven't changed at all in the weeks we've been staying at home. This selfie of Maggie and me was taken to share with all my dog-loving friends. If you're a dog-lover I hope this inspired you to love on your dog. Let's aspire to find fun through this challenge.

Even though we’re staying away from each other, we have so much in common separately. When we look for positive thoughts, we align with positive people. When we find things to be joyful about, we align with people who are also doing that. When we have faith that this is temporary we align with the faithful, and when we meet on the other side of this we will all be better for what we’ve learned through this.

Since my husband Terry and I are senior citizens and we’re supposed to stay in our homes, our next door neighbor goes to the grocery store for us. I’m grateful for the help, but there’s something intrusive about giving someone my grocery list. I want my choices to look really healthy and organic so there’s no way I’ll put down chips and dip or chocolate ice cream when I really would like to have some. The pandemic has forced us to eat healthier if only for show. Being locked down has had an effect on Nelly (my inner child). She’s been sneaking carbs into our meals in the name of a reward for not getting to get out.


                                                                     This is Maggie's new trick. When I                                                            say, "Be a lady," she crosses her front paws.

Yesterday I told Terry I had a burning desire to go to Costco (really a burning desire for carbohydrates). He was thrilled to bust out and we had a grand time! (Of course shopping at Costco was one of the highlights of my life way before COVID 19 reared its ugly spokes.) We wore our masks and latex gloves, but were surprised at how many people didn’t.

I was thinking about some of the delights I’ve experienced through this quarantine. Here are just a few:

I Hope You'll Want To

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