Forgiveness Leads to Happiness and Success

Posted by Pam Young

Feb 3, 2016 4:30:00 AM




When you read autobiographies of famous people who had absolutely horrible childhoods, but survived and are happy, productive and successful adults in spite of it, doesn’t it give you faith in knowing that each of us has a guidance system within?

In the cases of Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle, Jewel, Never Broken and Drew Barrymore Wildflower, these women survived unimaginable child abuse.



Now, as adults, they are beacons of light, proof that the Universe has your back if you’ll only become aware of the guidance that waits for your recognition. In every one of these autobiographies, these women had forgiven their parents, when it would be so hard to do! In that forgiveness they were able to use their God-given talents for the good of all.


Dr. Wayne Dyer is another example of a child having a father you’d like put in the slammer to rot, but Wayne was able to see clearly (part of the title of his final book) and pardon and even thank his father for his part in Wayne’s birth (sperm).


Reading forgiveness literature opens doors for those who have been unable to do that. Books like these with unbelievable stories of child abuse, can put into perspective petty grudges we might otherwise have and tend to rehearse from time-to-time, involving our parent’s parenting.


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