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Nov 22, 2011 8:20:00 PM



As I get ready to have a Thanksgiving feast at our home, I’m a little troubled. I have so many questions and I’m not sure I’ve come up with the answers that make me happy.

This is my first low-carb Thanksgiving! If it were just Terry and me, I’d be fine, but I wonder if I should impose our new lifestyle on our family, especially when I’ll be messing with TRADITION?

How will they like mashed cauliflower and gravy as opposed to mashed potatoes and gravy? Should I make both? I’ve got a wonderful new cookbook Marla gave me entitled Paleo Comfort Food and there’s a recipe for bread using almond flour (which we love) and I could make dressing out of it, BUT what if it isn’t as good as what we are all traditionally used to? And how dare I break tradition? Is it too late for me to start a new tradition? What if all the new dishes I make flop and no one will ever want to come back for Thanksgiving? Am I willing to risk that?

Dare to mess with "tradition"!

Well, now that my troubles are on the table, I’ll address each one. How will “they” like mashed cauliflower? I don’t know because I’ve never mashed or tasted it mashed. I heartily believe in the cardinal rule (does “cardinal come from the bird or the high up guy in the Catholic Church?) to never try a new recipe on company.

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