We’ve Got to Get Organized!

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 27, 2014 7:00:00 AM



My blog took a typical, SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) turn with an email from a Flybaby and it prompted me to find a very funny article written by a columnist for the Seattle Times who in turn went on to become a very famous food critic in the Northwest. His article gives you the man’s view of a SHE. The article follows this email.

Dear Pam and Peggy,
I have all your books and I especially love Sidetracked Home Executives because it touched the very depth of my SHE heart! 
Within the first chapter, I KNEW you knew me. You weren’t a couple of organizer people telling me what was wrong with me you were telling me what was right with me! Whenever I need to lighten up and stop beating myself up over something I “shoulda” done, I re-read the SHE book and it makes me put everything in perspective. It’s worn, underlined, dog-eared and loved! Your system worked so well when the kids were home because 3x5 cards were such a great way to delegate. I now use Flylady’s control journal for my home and personal stuff, but I still use your card file system for my in-home business because I have two part-time employees and they like having the 3x5 cards and it’s easy for me to delegate.
I have been FLYING for four years and it’s because Flylady took over where you left off with her love and compassion for SHEs everywhere. I’d like to shout it from the rooftop for all Flybabies to read the SHE book to discover the seamless way the torch has been passed.
Thank you!
Barb Flying in Texas

Here’s my letter to Barb,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I love hearing from SHEs like you because it just confirms to me that we are one huge, happy family, loving our homes and loving order, but careful not to take life too seriously. I purposely approached getting organized with a sense of humor and joy and that book was the first book on the market written from a reformed “slob’s” point of view.  (Remember SLOB stands for Spontaneous, Lighthearted, Optimistic and Beloved.)



Here’s the article, written by John Hinterberger  Seattle Times.

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Stop the Options and Win!

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 25, 2014 7:30:00 AM

I’m grateful to each and every one of you who are raising fabulous citizens of our next generation. It’s an awesome responsibility. Keep up the good work, don’t get too serious (your kids can help you with that) and learn something every day from them (they have much to teach us). 

Now that the House Fairy has a brand new website, I’m so happy with her new and improved programs. More than 20,000 families are House Fairy friendly and I love that the programs are for life! Once you are a member you are always a member and there are no dues or monthly fees and the House Fairy and I get to keep coming up with helpful tools that you’ll receive as they come. I also have some exciting things happening and you’ll be the first to know what’s new. 

Because you’re interested in helping your kids establish good habits that’ll serve them throughout their lives, I’d like to share something that occurred to me about habits.

Join NOSS and Establish Good Habits

 The only way to establish a habit is to put the action you want to become a habit into a routine. You’ll have to do the action enough times for it to become automatic. In order to do that, you have to be an option stopper. Don’t give yourself the option of not doing the action you want to have become a habit. 

For example, if you want exercise to be part of your routine, then you have to stop giving yourself options out of exercise. Options abound. Until exercise is a habit, your options will always look better than exercise. But if you’ll be an option stopper, one day you’ll realize you have a new habit! 

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Want to Get Organized? 7 Things to Think About

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 20, 2014 8:21:00 AM


Have you HAD it? Is it OVER? Do you wash your hands of it? Do you give up and say UNCLE? 


Is that how you feel about your disorganized lifestyle? Well STOP IT!  

I was 34 years old when I hit bottom. Someone said, “The bottom is a great place to be because there’s nowhere to go but up.” Not until I hit bottom did I surrender to my situation and ask for the guidance that’s available 24/7. That’s when miracles happen. In that moment of surrender I was reminded that even though I was in a mess, I was in the right place with the right people, I was just fine and the only element I really lacked was direction. Following a direction is a spiritual issue.

In my almost 40 year career helping moms get organized I’ve come to one big conclusion about being organized: it’s about mind management, not time management. There are thousands of books giving you direction, but until your mind is changed the direction won’t be followed.

Angel Speak

I’d like you to pretend I’m one of your guardian angels and you've prayed to get organized and I’ve been assigned to work your case. I love the assignment because I’ve always loved you and to work with you personally is exciting to me!

So, I’m sitting on your chest when you wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to see you open your beautiful eyes so we can start our fabulous day together. But you’re so tired, you miss the joy before you. I should have known that’s how it’d be because you played on the computer until 2:00 am and every time I tried to get you to go to bed, you ignored me. 

When you finally went to bed, I wished you a wonderful night’s sleep, but you didn’t hear me because you conked out before I was finished talking to you.  Anyway, now it’s morning and you stagger to the bathroom, tripping over shoes you left in the pathway to the toilet. (I was able to block your fall.) By the way, I love to hear you swear! We don’t get to do it here in heaven, so it’s fun to hear (sort of like when you first tried out a swear word when your mom wasn’t close enough to hear).

As your days progress I try to get a few words in edgewise. Little suggestions like, “Look at your calendar Love,” “Get a drink of water Sweet One,” “That job won’t be that bad, put your timer on for 15 minutes and start Darling,” “Don’t take that comment personally, what he thinks of you is none of your business,” oh and “God loves you,” “I love you,” and “Please be kind to yourself Blessed One.” 

Sometimes you listen and take my guidance, but most times you just don’t hear me or you say, “I’m too busy, too tired or I don’t have time. (I really get a kick out of that last one!  I wish you knew how funny you are when you say, “I don’t have time.” LOL My Adorable One, you have all the time in the world.)

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Lose 50 Pounds in One Day! 5 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM

5 Decluttering Questions!

Imagine this: You fill a big suitcase (the one that always weighs more than 50 pounds when you check it at the
 airport) and you cram it with all the fall and winter clothes you haven’t worn in the last year. Maybe many of the garments haven’t been worn in several years. If you haven’t worn a garment in the last year, what makes you think a year from now you will?  

If you did this, you'd lose 50 pounds of clothing that was otherwise clogging your closet and if the suitcase is an old one that's probably seen its last flight, you could drop the whole, loaded suitcase off at Goodwill, You'll feel 50 pounds lighter spiritually! Clutter is the biggest destroyer of peace and decluttering closets, cupboards and drawers brings a peace that money can’t buy!

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Water Doesn’t Care if You’re Organized or Not!

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 11, 2014 11:48:00 AM

The Flood of 2014 - Water ALWAYS wins


Writing in the present tense about a negative situation is flat out complaining and I try to curb my urge when I’m in the middle of bad times, but writing about a situation in the past tense and when everything’s back to normal, just makes for a good story. With that, I have to tell you what happened.

There’s a lesson to learn from every negative situation, and I make it my life’s work to get the lessons so I don’t have to repeat situations with a different cast and crew. For example, I learned from being in a marriage that was difficult, you can’t make a person who’s not happy be happy. The second time around, I married someone who was already happy!

Now for my most recent lesson: Water always wins. We live in the state of Washington where we get a lot of rain. I happen to love rain (when it stays outside) and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world except maybe Positano, Italy. We built our home in Woodland, Washington, eleven years ago and we have enjoyed its cozy, lodge-like feel. We work out of our offices which are in our basement and about five years ago we discovered a minor leak in an insignificant place in the basement and on the concrete floor about 40 feet from our offices. After a hard rain, my husband Terry, would crawl back to “the place” and come out with a report we called the Paper Towel Report.


“Two paper towels.”

“Oh, good! No big deal.”

That conversation took place about six times through each rainy season, which, in Washington, lasts from October to June. However this January something changed. There was a huge rain storm that carried on throughout the night and I could hardly sleep guessing what the towel count would be. Terry headed to the basement the first thing the next morning and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say, “One.”

One towel, wow! I was ecstatic as I fixed breakfast.

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7 Ways to Work Out in the Sky

Posted by Pam Young

Jun 4, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Because American Way (American Airline’s in-flight magazine) is featuring the House Fairy this month, I thought it’d be good to write about exercising while flying. So, Mom, want to shrink that belly fat while you’re on your way to Los Angeles? Here are 7 ways to get back into those pants that are too tight.

As an author of get-organized books, I’ve had to fly extensively, and over the years I’ve figured out some ways to get in a little fitness activity on a plane without getting kicked off it. We have to put our fellow passengers first before our exercise regimes. Having a passenger invade my space is on my list of top ten annoyances, so I’m very careful not to bother my seat partners.

Once while travelling, the woman next to me used an inflatable neck rest which obviously had a leak. While she slept, the air leaked out and her large body gradually listed into my space and finally rested on my arm and shoulder. The assertiveness-training classes I took, didn’t take and I allowed the invasion of my personal space. Soon after, she woke up from the awkward slant of her torso, blew the thing back up, and returned to dreamland, gradually tilting back over her armrest again and into my lap. This process repeated every 27 minutes (not that I was counting!) on our nonstop flight from Portland, Oregon, to New York City, New York.

We certainly don’t want to be invasive like that while we squeeze some exercise into our travels.

My goal when exercising on a flight is to keep my workout as discrete as I can. That’s part of the fun! One good way to do that is to get your moves in before takeoff. If you think how much time it takes for all those passengers to get on the plane and the chaos created as they get their stuff stowed and get seated, most of these exercises can be done after you board and before the plane taxis off to the runway, thereby sparing your flight mates any grief while you work out.   

Some of my exercises are isometric and make use of your imagination.

1. The Marching Soldier 

For lower-body strength: Sit in your seat and pretend that your feet weigh 20 pounds each. Discreetly lift one leg up and hold for five seconds, being careful not to disturb your fellow passenger with groans or heavy breathing (especially if you’re in a center seat). Then raise it up as high as you can without knocking into your tray table and continue holding for five more seconds. Repeat with each leg 15 times.

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