Folding Sheets is a Waste of Time

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 29, 2021 12:45:48 PM


A BO (Born Organized) could never do what's in this video. It would drive her crazy.


But we lucky SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) have no problem doing this.  

Women are notorious for neglecting self-care in lieu of caring for others and when asked if they are selfish about taking care of themselves, most cringe and say, “no.” The cringe comes from guilt knowing they should have free time for themselves. There are two parts to this: one is you need to know what you’re going to do when you take time out (I'll go into that another day) and two you need to make time for the time outs. Here's just one way to make time. Watch the video and then give it a try. It's actually fun!! And it'll save time you could use to play.


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Merry Three Days After Christmas!

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 28, 2021 7:00:43 PM

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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The Happy Christmas

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 25, 2021 6:00:00 AM




I found this video in the archives and thought it'd be fun to send it out. All these "babies"are adults! It seems like yesterday we spent the day playing with this as a gift to their parents.

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Maggie is Our New Marketing Director

Posted by Pam Young

Dec 4, 2021 4:45:39 PM


We've hired our labrodoodle to help us market our products! Today she's modeling the "Stick it Right on the Money Gift Giving Kit" stickers. The stickers disguise currancy and help you give money as a gift for all special occasions. The stickers are gentle and don't harm the money or Maggie's curls.

We think she's so adorable that you'll want to share this blog with your friends and family and then they'll learn about this great product.Stick it Right on the Money

Giving money for Christmas this year solves many potential problems: empty shelves, backed up inventory and worry your gifts will get here in time to wrap and give. Many of my friends are buying two "Stick it Right on the Money Gift-Giving Kits," one to use to give money and one as a gift in itself for a busy mom or grandmother.  


I Hope You'll Want To

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