Flourless Tortillas Cooking Video

Posted by Pam Young

May 26, 2017 1:06:47 PM


Did you know breads and grains are loaded with sugar?


Eating sugar in all its sneaky forms spikes your insuline and that's one of the main reasons our bodies store fat. Lower your intake of sugar in all of its tricky forms and you'll lose weight. 

In this cooking video you'll see how easy these tortillas are to make.

These tortillas have flour, so they're low in carbs, AND they're delicious!

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Having Too Much Stuff is a Good Thing IF…

Posted by Pam Young

May 24, 2017 5:00:00 AM



If you’ve spent a lot of time reading about de-junking, de-cluttering, streamlining and simplifying and the information hasn’t helped you with your issue of having too much stuff, maybe considering this will help. Having too much stuff is a good thing! Think about it. All of your stuff, your books, furniture, jewelry household utensils, food, clothes, and on-and-on are answers to your desires. Even the stuff you inherited or someone gave you; represents the answers to your desires. “Ask and it shall be given.”

It’s likely you are financially better off than your parents and maybe if you experienced poverty in your childhood you’ve had a stronger desire to have nice things, than someone who always has had them.

In the 80s, Peggy and I helped 100s of women streamline their homes through Project CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Many were women who had parents who lived through the Depression in the 1930s. Our mom was one who remembered that Depression and while she was always organized and never had too much stuff, she wanted to have nice things and spent her life continually improving our home and its contents.

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Procrastination to Paralyzed Because You Owe Thank You Notes

Posted by Pam Young

May 22, 2017 5:03:00 AM


The following is correspondence between one of our Club Organized “elite” members and me. If you owe thank you notes, this conversation will inspire you to write them now


      Hi Pam,                                                                   June 13, 2015

My daughter was married 9 years ago and she is now pregnant with their fourth child. I am so embarrassed to say that I told her I’d write thank you notes and send them to the two ladies from church who s ewed her wedding gown and made the bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids.
I had thank you note cards, but I wanted to put a little something with them like a gift card. But I always put off buying the gift cards as I never seemed to have enough money to get the amount I wanted to put in them. The thank you cards have never been sent. My dear daughter is not aware I have never sent them and I have never had the courage to tell her so that she could send something herself instead and so the time just ticks by…….
Fiona Van Lent


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Here Comes the Sun!

Posted by Pam Young

May 22, 2017 5:00:00 AM


Here it is, almost the end of May and FINALLY we, here in the Pacific Northwest, are getting some sun! In case any of you north westerners have forgotten, the sun is a big yellow ball that's in the sky (which is blue not gray) and it hurts your eyes if you look at it.


It has been so long since the sun has shone through my windows, I’d forgotten that sucker is not only hot, but it’s a revealer of slipshod cleaning. Have you ever noticed that your windows (especially the ones in the kitchen) can look pretty clean, until the sun shines on them? It can be shocking, because suddenly you can see all kinds of streaky schmutz that didn’t show before! I swear that sun is like a priest bringing out a confessioner’s dirty little secrets. Maybe we should wash windows when the sun is shining on them, that way they couldn’t lull us into thinking they’re clean. Just like we’d be way nicer if a priest followed us around 24/7. 

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Taking a Break from Work!

Posted by Pam Young

May 17, 2017 5:00:00 AM


Last week I took a much needed break from work and went to Seattle to be with two of my grandchildren while their parents were out of town. The kids are 18 and 15, so as you can imagine, I saw very little of them. They were out of the house by 7:30 (they go to the same high school) and home by 3:00, so I had seven and a half glorious hours every day with Lou, a four-year-old golden lab, and Sid & See, two pound cats (not in weight, just rescued from “the pound”). The four of us got along peachy as soon as I figured out the rules of their games.

Before I tell you about their games, I want you to know I'm a dog person and I love Lou and he loves me! I'm not ashamed to say we slept together the whole week. In fact, on our last night together, I took these selfies (my first ever).

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Time to Clean Under Your Kitchen Sink

Posted by Pam Young

May 15, 2017 5:10:00 AM



How to REALLY clean the cabinet under the kitchen sink


As part of organizing the kitchen, do you clean the cabinet under your kitchen sink once a month? Happiness is a clean kitchen, but the old saying, Out of sight out of mind can really be true when it comes to this cabinet. If your knees had eyes, they'd see under the sink when the cupboard was open and you’d be down on them with a bucket of sudsy water and a brush at least once a month to clean under there.


To show you how to clean under the sink and to prove to you how clean my kitchen cabinet is, I got into it! Actually when we shot this video Terry didn’t think I could fit in the cabinet, and I wasn’t about to let him think that! The rest is history as you'll see in the short video. 




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Have You Hugged Your Dentist Lately?

Posted by Pam Young

May 10, 2017 4:52:00 AM



Do you like to go to the dentist? Once you make an appointment and get it on your calendar, does it stick out like a countdown to a jury verdict. Making the appointment to the chair and getting in the chair are not high on most people's make it fun list, but in the spirit of my motto, Make it fun and it will get done! we can try to stay cheerful through the process, twice a year.

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Get Organized! All You Need is Direction

Posted by Pam Young

May 8, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Have you had it?

Have you ever said, "I'm done! I've HAD it! I can't live this way anymore?"


That’s how you can feel living a disorganized lifestyle. It's like living in a continual storm. But when you hit bottom with words like the declarations above, you're in the perfect place to change. Someone said, “The bottom is a great place to be because there’s nowhere to go but up.” When you hit bottom you're more willing to surrender to your situation and ask for the guidance that’s available 24/7. That’s when miracles happen. In that moment of surrender you'll be reminded that even though you're in a mess, you're in the right place with the right people at the right time. The only element you lack is direction.

DIRECTION! You can deal with that! Direction involves choices! You just need a map to follow and you'll be fine! For me it was the 3x5 card file system my sister and I came up with and the reason we became known as The Slob Sisters.

When my sister and I had had it with our home organization skills, that’s the first time we considered the word “direction” in reference to our problem. We weren’t lazy! Come to think of it, we worked harder than those BOs (Born Organized) who refuse to make work for themselves by being disorganized.

I knew I wasn't crazy! I'd been able to maintain a high level of creativity within my messy lifestyle, have three happy children, continually adjust to the personality of a very unhappy mate and remain stable.

I wasn’t stupid! Come to think of it, NO! I was very smart though my disorganized habits sabotaged my schooling so my grades didn’t reflect my intellect.

So I wasn’t lazy, crazy or stupid even though my messy life could certainly have made it look that way. When I look back on the way I used to live, the only question I have today is, “What was I thinking?”

As Carolyn Myss would say, “If I can talk Angel 101 to you for a moment, consider this.” Let’s pretend I'm one of your guardian angels and you have prayed to get organized. I've been assigned to work your case. I love the assignment because I’ve always loved you and to work with you personally in an answer to your prayer, is exciting to me!


Your Angel is With You

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Use Mole Dirt for Potting Soil

Posted by Pam Young

May 5, 2017 5:23:00 AM

This year I’ve turned one of my pet peeves into an advantage. We have a big meadow and every spring the moles convene like they're at a mole convention. Their underground social network seems to put them in our meadow about when the grass starts growing. As I walked through the grass and inspected the hills I noticed how rich the dirt was and I thought, ‘I should use it for potting soil when planting flowers in the beds that have a great deal of clay.’ It really does work! Ask your local nurseryman what you might mix with your mole dirt to make it even better, in your area.


With spring in the air we SHEs are like busy bees around the nurseries where the flowers beg us to take them home like puppies at the Humane Society.

Have you ever seen a honey bee that’s got so much pollen on her thighs that she can barely fly? I often wonder if some of them never make it back to their hives they're so loaded down. Like those bees, we can get carried away buying more than we can plant. We fly home with our trunks full of flats of annuals and the optimism we’’ll plant them all in a day. Often we poop out in the middle of the plant and the remaining purchase is at the mercy of our next planting mood.

A good rule of thumb is the four Ps. Plan, Prepare, Purchase, Plant. If you try to prepare and plant at the same time, you’ll poop out and then those plants that you have taken into your care face possible death. Of course it’s not premeditated, but the plants will be just as dead.

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When You Said, "I DO," Did You Realize How Much Had to be done?

Posted by Pam Young

May 3, 2017 5:00:00 AM



If you’re a mom you have the most valuable job in the world.  



You are raising citizens of the United States of America (or put in the name of the country where you live). Unfortunately being a mom is not held in as high regard as it should be.

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Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Posted by Pam Young

May 2, 2017 5:00:00 AM


I was invited to a baby shower/potluck yesterday and I didn't know the woman who was giving it nor did I know the mother who is having a baby. You may wonder why I went. It’s because I’ve finally decided to get involved in a prolife group in Portland, OR. It was the first time I’d taken part in any of their work and I blame my desire to join in, on Abby Johnson who wrote a book called “Unplanned.” It’s an amazing read. She was a big deal in Planned Parenthood who flipped and went over to the prolife side of the fence.

I’m not a political person, but in my opinion this issue isn’t political. My reason for being prolife is very simple. When my mom was pregnant with me, if she had chosen to have an abortion, I wouldn’t be here, typing this blog. Because I’m a big chicken and I don’t like confrontation, you'll never see me with some weird hat on, or holding a sign outside of anything! I don’t protest, and don’t ever plan to. (In fact if you are pro-choice, any negative response to this blog will be deleted and ignored.) I’d rather help on the other side of protest. I went to this baby shower as my first fun step, to meet the people behind Oregon Right to Life.


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From Ballet to Berkeley

Posted by Pam Young

May 1, 2017 5:00:00 AM



Today is my granddaughter Brooklyn's (my son's daughter) birthday. She's the girl on the right with her friend Paige. This photo was taken in Positano, Italy last summer. They were both 16 years old. They graduate this spring and Brooklyn has been accepted to Berkeley. 

She was three years old in this video and she froze as soon as she looked up and saw the huge audience of at least a thousand parents and grandparents. We think she was looking for her mom and dad. I remember leaning over and whispering in my son’s ear, “I hope you didn’t spend too much on these lessons.”


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