4 Ways to Use Imagination to Get Back on Track



Taking a Turn for the Best


Because we’re human we get tempted by foods (and other things) that we know aren’t especially good for us. It’s just not fair that foods that aren’t good for us, taste so darn good!00001981-2.jpg



Been on the SES Diet lately (Summer Eating Spree Diet)? You know, too much potato salad and too many corn on the cobs, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, s’mores, sodas, beers, cupcakes and crackers and more. They’re all the treats of summer picnics, camping and barbecues and we associate these fun times with those fun foods. And you probably have it in your mind that those times without those treats just wouldn’t be fun.


Usually we get back on track because there’s something in the future, compelling us. Maybe it’s a health problem and your doctor says you need dump the doughnuts and hit the gym or you’ll drop dead pretty soon. Or, maybe it’s just a wedding approaching and you’re one of the bride’s maids and you don’t want to be the fattest one. Or, maybe you’re planning a vacation and you want to have energy to walk a lot. The decision is the first part of the turn and then you have to have the motivation to make the turn and that’s where a compelling reason kicks in.


Maybe it’s time to go into your imagination booth (by closing your eyes) and use your imagination to get back on the right track. You can take me with you, using these 4 suggestions.

1. While you’re in your booth, imagine the feeling when you’ve turned the corner on an intention to lose weight or quit watching too much television, if that's out of moderation. Turning the corner is the hardest part of an intention, because you have to put the brakes on the momentum of doing the opposite of your intention, before you can get going in the right direction and into the freedom of eating healthy or replacing the boob tube time with some fun activity.

If you go to the grocery store in the next couple of days, just look in the carts rolling around the store and you’ll see that the ingredients of carts filled with groceries, are evidence of the cart pusher’s condition: healthy or unhealthy. (I don't know how to tell if a person has gotten off the couch.)


2. Imagine the feeling when you’ve turned the corner (you’ve done it many times) and you’re 00008200-1.jpgstarting to think less about wanting those foods in the SES Diet. Remember how easy it was to eat healthy once it became a habit again. The only hard part is what your mind does before you make the turn, as well as while you’re making the turn. But once you’ve turned, you don’t have to think about it anymore. The habit kicks in and you’re no longer strapped with decisions to make. That’s why when you hear a person say, “I’ve turned the corner,” you know she's “got it.”


Here’s dialogue between a waitress and a customer who hasn’t turned that corner.

“May I take your order?”

“Uh, yes, I’ll have the hamburger.” (Thinks about saying “no bun” but decides that today it’s okay, because it’s the weekend and, hey, it’s date night.)

“And for your side?”

“Uh, oh, why not. I'll have the fries.”

“Anything to drink?”

“A coke, or no a glass of Chablis.”


Here’s dialogue between a waitress and a customer who has turned that corner.

“May I take your order?”

“Yes, I’ll have the hamburger, no bun, salad and water please.”


3. In your imagination, fast forward to September 30th and think how your clothes won’t hurt anymore and how much easier it’ll be to exercise, because you’ll be back at the gym regularly. See yourself in a cute workout outfit. Feel how good that feels. Hear someone say, “You look great!” Feel the joy of your body responding to healthy food and exercise. Oh and think about that room you redecorated instead of watching "Scandal."DSC_0182.jpg


4. Imagine a compelling reason. Be outrageous and it’ll spark the interest of your inner child. (Once you’re in partnership with that important part of you, you’re chances of really changing are very good.) So, for example, you could imagine you’re in prison and you’ve got sensors all over your body and if you don’t exercise, it’s reported to the warden, and if you don’t get 20 days of exercise in, in the next month, you’ll be put into solitary confinement. If you eat sweets, it’s recorded. If you go off your intention in any way, it’s reported. And if you have a good report, after a month, you’ll get paroled, but you still have to have the sensors on for monitoring and if you violate parole, you’ll go back to the slammer. This will work for keeping the TV off.

That’s just a suggestion. You can probably think of a better one, and if you do, I hope you’ll share it with me. pam@pamyoung.org


Now close your eyes (go in your imagination booth) and start using your imagination to get back on the healthy track. Oh, and have fun fun taking a turn for the best! If you'd like to read more about a happy way to eat, here's another blog I wrote:  http://blog.cluborganized.com/eat-healthy.-be-happy.-have-fun 



PS I've been on a low carb, high fat diet forMouth_Trap_lo_carb.jpg six years and the results are short of incredible, no they are incredible. I first had to get over the fear of fat, but I found a brilliant physician in Portland, Oregon who helped me have the courage to buck my doctor. My book, "The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!" shows you step-by-step how my husband and I took the turn and never looked back. Just tap on the cover for more information or to buy the book.











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