Housekeeping in Zones




In this video, I explain how the zones work to help you stay on track with housecleaning.

Created by the "Sidetracked Home Executives," the zones help you focus on one room at a time. Flylady's Flight Plan is the SHE Zone plan. We gave Flylady permission to use it to help you be organized in your home and if you get her Flight Plan but are still confused about how it works, this short video will help.  

What Good Are Zones

Here's a link to a video of Flylady and me at a conference in Dallas: 




P.S. For more detail about the zones and getting organized just enough to please you, I'd suggest reading The Joy of Being Disorganized, available on Amazon and here on my website. Just tap on the cover of the book to get more information.

Please share this video with anyone who might like to clean house in zones.

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