A Great Christmas Decoration Idea




Do you want jewelry for Christmas? If you do, why?



Have you ever thought about it? Why do women like jewelry?

Is it because we need attention? Jewelry can certainly do that. After all, it always tells some kind of story.

When you see a big diamond on a woman’s hand, do you assume she’s rich? When you see a diamond necklace or bracelet on a stranger, do you think it could be fake? When Marilyn Monroe sang Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, she made us want them to be our friends too, even though they can’t talk or listen like a real friend can. The slogan Diamonds are forever implies that at least they’re loyal and not like a dog that goes off and dies on you.

A ring on the finger next to the pinky on the left hand, says, “married” and that’s probably one of the biggest stories to tell with jewelry. There’s a slogan at Kay Jewelers that says, “Every kiss begins with Kay.” Now that’s a story if you believe it! 

We went to an annual Christmas party last night at one of our neighbor’s homes and while getting dressed up for it, I got the idea to take small, red Christmas tree ornaments and attach one to each of my clamp-on earrings so I’d have jolly, dangly ones. I’m really not a dangly earring type, but something happened to my personality when I clipped them on. They felt so…fun and they made me feel silly in a cool way! The bright ruby globes about the size of lemons were light and stayed easily on my ears and I could see them sparkle when I tossed my head throwing my husband a flirty glance. nice.jpg


We barely got in the front door of the party home when the man of the house raved about my jewelry! I was prepared for the balls to be a conversation piece, like a band-aide over the nose would be, but I wasn’t prepared for the conversation that took place.


“Whoa, love the earrings!! Are they heavy?” the host asked.


“No, and for being 50 carat rubies they’re shockingly light,” I replied, touching them as if they were priceless.


Now you need to know that as a writer, sometimes I never know what’s going to come out of my head, but I was a little surprised that my words took this tack. However, it was fun, because it was obvious they were cheap, Walmart Christmas tree balls, impossible to pass off as rubies. With zilch knowledge of expensive jewelry, I could have been way off on the 50 carat figure, but the host didn’t dispute it as he took our coats and lead us into the living room where the party was humming.


As we walked into the room filled with our happy neighbors, my earrings got as much attention as a spider monkey on each shoulder wearing a Santa hat would have. And when several cheered about my earrings, the host exclaimed to the crowd that they were rubies!


At this point I had the attention of the room, (something a public speaker loves). “Did you know when you see a woman drenched in expensive jewelry; in most cases each piece was given by an
unfaithful mate in repentance for an indiscretion?” I asked playfully (I saw one woman quickly cover her jewels).


“So what’d Terry do?” one of the women in the audience chirped.


“Uhhmmm, let’s just say he’s very sorry.”


Everyone laughed and I headed to the dining room to get a glass of wine and some party food. It was at this point the host came up to me and told me about a Japanese woman he’d known who had huge diamond rings on five of her fingers.

“This woman was the wife of one of my clients and when I commented on her beautiful rings, she replied in broken English, as she touched each treasure, ‘he very sorry, he very, very sorry, he very,very, very sorry, he sorry and he very, very,very, very sorry.”


I laughed and tossed my head so my earrings danced. 


So my theory is probably true across the globe! Personally a diamond or a ruby wouldn’t get Terry off the hook for a dalliance. I’d rather be single. It’s nice to have a faithful man and wear jewelry from the Christmas decorations at Walmart. 

Here's a blog I wrote about where you'll really find the Christmas Spirit: http://blog.housefairy.org/the-joy-dispensers-are-everywhere     




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