All I Want for Christmas is My Right Leg Back


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Most of you know (if you read my posts) that I received a hairline fracture of my kneecap while in New York visiting my son and family over the Thanksgiving holiday. I went to an urgent care clinic where they x-rayed my knee and discovered it was not only the kneecap, but the top of the tibia (that's the long bone that runs down to your foot) also had a hairline fracture. The doctor feared complications and recommended an MRI to see if there was more damage.

My son Michael (seen here at his 40th birthday party wearing a $40 dollar hat I made him) went in with me for the exam and he felt I should check with my doctor at home 12 Creativity.jpgto see if he recommended an MRI as well. For some reason this doctor couldn't send my doctor the x-rays (..."too big to send") so we just sent the report from the radiologist to my doctor. My doctor said, "Let's wait until you come home and then we'll decide." With that, I was given a brace and told to keep all weight off my right leg or I could do more damage.

When I went to my doctor here in Washington, he took more x-rays and said there were no complications and that I can even put weight on my right leg as long as I have the brace on! That's like getting a leg for Christmas! I've learned so much in the two weeks I've been a "temporary" invalid so I hope you read on and benefit from my misfortune. Plus I'm going to share with you a video.

My office is in the basement of our home and I probably make 25 trips a day up and down the 16 steps. My left leg has to do all the work (because I can't bend the right one) and my fear is that in four more weeks my right butt cheek is going to be way cuter than my left one. I'm going to look like a balloon that you squeeze and the air bubble goes out to one side.

I'll be going on the Portland television talk show I go on regularly next week and my topic is How to Get Through the Holidays on One Leg. I'm going to show all the things you can do without moving around. So as a reward to you for reading all about my woes, I'm going to share how to make beautiful bows for your Christmas packages. I was looking at the price of bows at the store and a bow like you're going to see costs $3.99 at Walmart! At Walmart!! The video is about three minutes and you'll be able to make beautiful bows too. It's so simple!

After you watch the video, I hope you consider  ways to simplify your Christmas. Another way is to give cash for gifts. That's where Stick it Right on the Money really comes in handy! And until Sunday night I'm giving away my DVD Everybody Loves Money (ELM) when you buy the stickers. Just click here and learn more about the sticker kit. Stick it Right on the Money.

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