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Be Happy, Eat Healthy. Have Fun.

Posted by Pam Young

Sep 10, 2019 5:14:53 PM


Eat healthy food.          


Have healthy children.    


                    Have happy children.      





Come and join my bonus daughter Kristi Marsh and our two adorable grandsons Tanner and Kyle as we all explore what is called a CSA, or just simply a shared farm! Kristi and the boys show us how much fun it is to actually see where your food comes from and take part in growing it. You'll never have to wrangle your child to the floor again pleading “one more bite of green beans!” when they actually pick them themselves. Your kids will love the fresh taste that just can't be found in the supermarket aisles and will leave them loving the crunchy, sweet taste of sun washed fruits and vegetables. For more great ideas on ways to live a healthy life be sure and visit Kristi's website at!

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What If You Had a Magic Fairy for Free?

Posted by Pam Young

Sep 8, 2019 5:16:00 AM



What if there were such a thing as a real fairy that came to your home right before you woke up in the morning, and was like a magic servant who helped you have fun throughout your day? At night, she’d leave just as you slipped into bed in order to get an eight hour night’s rest.

What if when you got out of bed in the morning this magic fairy was back to make your bed for you and had your house slippers right by your bed so you could slip into them on cold, autumn mornings? What if when you brushed your teeth, that same magic fairy rinsed the sink out and hung up your towel?

What if when you prepared breakfast, this marvelous, magic fairy cleaned up after you every step of the way and when you were through eating she put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher?

What if your fairy was right there when you purchased something with your credit card and made sure you put the card back where it belonged and put the receipt in a special home for credit card receipts?

What if your organized fairy was with you at the grocery store and reminded you to use the cloth bags you got when you were in an especially “green” mood?

What if your fairy had a stopwatch mentality that helped you get chores you don’t like (but have to do) over quickly?

What if she had a check list of rules like: start your day with God, fill car with gas when it gets to half a tank, balance your accounts every day and get at least eight hours of sleep each night?

You could have this fairy if you wanted her and she is free. See the fairy’s name is Habitha and when you establish habits that serve you it’s just like having a magic friend.

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Happy Labor Day! It's Not for What You Think

Posted by Pam Young

Sep 2, 2019 2:24:33 PM

Labor Day should be for women who've been in labor. Come to think of it, labor doesn't really DSC_2747describe what we go through to bring a baby into this world. The word "labor" must have been posed by a man who, after watching a woman go from one centimeter to nine said, "Whoa, that looks like a lot of work, let's call it labor." The real words to describe the birth process could be, organic torture, or natural agony, or biological warfare. Let's stick with the word labor with collective smirks and let's start celebrating! 

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The Slob Sisters Still Changing Lives with 3x5s

Posted by Pam Young

Sep 1, 2019 8:35:37 PM


Are you following a weekly plan that helps you run a cozy, organized home? When my sister Peggy and I developed the infamous, get organized 3x5 card file system outlined in our book “Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise,” we created a weekly plan that included a “free day.”

 Slob Sisters De-junking Video  and 3x5 Cardfile System

On that special day, if we wanted to, we’d stay in our pajamas all day, eat over the sink, keep the day free of appointments if at all possible and keep household chores to a minimum. We kept laundry to towels and linens which are easy to fold. We ate on paper plates or in restaurants. Our aim was to do nothing but enjoy the day free of the relentless parade of chores a mom encounters. I still have that day only I call it My Day. I do what I want and I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I pretend it’s my birthday to get into the mood.

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Take a Declutter Pity Trip to Freedom

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 27, 2019 12:53:45 PM


An off-the-wall closet organizing project. It just might work for you.


When you see a photo like this, are you inspired to declutter and have an organized closet? 

What you wear takes up a lot of your energy and when your closet is constipated with stuff you don’t wear (for whatever reason), it becomes a gigantic IPOD (Important Pile of Decisions). Your closet is just like your garage if your car is parked in the drive-way.

What might surprise you is the pile of decisions isn’t a bunch of various decisions like when you have to file papers into a filing cabinet, because 90% of the stuff you’re not making a decision about just needs to go! Good-bye, ciao, ta ta, Cheerio, farewell! How to de-junk is that simple! Let it go!

I’ve been helping people get the spark and motivation to declutter for 43 years and have come up with some very creative and fun ways to give you that spark. This one I’ll call Operation Pity Trip to Freedom.

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In Memory of Your Beloved Dog

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 20, 2019 1:38:55 PM

My daughter Joanna has found her calling. At 46 she’s finally starting to admit that she’s an artist. With no formal training she started painting on some our beautiful river rocks that are so abundant here in the pacific northwest. 

Joanna is an animal lover. Right now she has four happy dogs living in her home, along with a big red parrot and a very noisy cockatiel. In her spare time (she has 30 clients she cleans their homes for) she has combined her love of animals and a gift to paint and created memorial pieces for those who have lost a beloved pet. Here are some samples of her work.




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Lose 55 Pounds in One Day! 5 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 16, 2019 5:17:00 AM

5 Decluttering Questions!

Imagine this: You fill a big suitcase (the one that always weighs more like 55 pounds when you check it at the airport) and, while it's still summer, you cram it with all the fall and winter clothes you didn't wear last year. Probably many of the garments haven’t been worn in several years. If you haven’t worn a garment in the last year, what makes you think a year from now you will?  

If you did this, you'd lose 55 pounds of clothing that was otherwise clogging your closet and if the suitcase is an old one that's probably seen its last flight, you could drop the whole, thing off at Goodwill, You'll feel 55 pounds lighter spiritually! Clutter is the biggest destroyer of peace and decluttering closets, cupboards and drawers brings a peace that money can’t buy!

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You’ve Got to Take More Time for Yourself

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 14, 2019 1:17:49 PM


Three questions to ask yourself about                           yesterday.


  1. How much time did I take for myself?
  2. How many times did I ask for help?
  3. Did I get enough rest last night?


If you don’t plan for time for yourself, to meditate, play, and create, you won’t get that time and at the end of the day you'll wonder where the time went and why you're exhausted. If you don’t learn how to delegate, you’ll always be playing the martyr in your home. If you don’t insist on going to bed and getting eight hours of sleep each night, you’ll pay for it in your energy level the next day.

That’s why my sister and I wrote the Happiness File. We are both fun-loving, creative people and when we figured out how to get our homes organized, we discovered more free time to figure out other ways to use the 3x5 card file system we created.

“The Sidetracked Sister’s Happiness File” was published in 1985. It was a labor of love. "Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise" was a best-seller and women were getting their homes organized all over the country. With its success, our publisher was hounding us to write about organizing other things besides when to fix dinner, scrub the toilet and make the bed. We chose being happy and having fun. I said to our editor, “If the 3x5 cards can organize a household, it can organize fun too.”

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Get Organized this Summer! 7 Things to Think About

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 13, 2019 6:32:00 AM



It was summertime when I got organized. I was 34 years old and I'd hit bottom. Someone said, “The bottom is a great place to be because there’s nowhere to go but up.” Not until I hit bottom did I surrender to my situation and ask for the guidance that’s available 24/7. That’s when miracles happen. In that moment of surrender I was reminded that even though I was in a mess, I was in the right place with the right people, I was just fine and the only element I really lacked was direction. Following a direction is a spiritual issue.

In my 43-year career helping moms get organized I’ve come to one big conclusion about being organized: it’s about mind management, not time management. There are thousands of books giving you direction, but until your mind is changed the direction won’t be followed.


Before you read the 7 things to think about when it comes to getting organized, I’d like you to pretend I’m one of your guardian angels and you've prayed to get organized and I’ve been assigned to work your case. I love the assignment because I’ve always loved you and to work with you personally is exciting to me!


So, I’m sitting on your chest when you wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to see you open your beautiful eyes so we can start our fabulous day together. But you’re so tired, you miss the joy before you. I should have known that’s how it’d be because you played on the computer until 2:00 am and every time I tried to get you to go to bed, you ignored me. 

When you finally went to bed, I wished you a wonderful night’s sleep, but you didn’t hear me because you conked out before I was finished talking to you. Anyway, now it’s morning and you stagger to the bathroom, tripping over shoes you left in the pathway to the toilet. (I was able to block your fall.) By the way, I love to hear you swear! We don’t get to do it here in heaven, so it’s fun to hear (sort of like when you first tried out a swear word when your mom wasn’t close enough to hear).

As your days progress I try to get a few words in edgewise. Little suggestions like, “Look at your calendar Love,” “Get a drink of water Sweet One,” “That job won’t be that bad, put your timer on for 15 minutes and start Darling,” “Don’t take that comment personally, what he thinks of you is none of your business,” oh and “God loves you,” “I love you,” and “Please be kind to yourself Blessed One.” 

Sometimes you listen and take my guidance, but most times you just don’t hear me or you say, “I’m too busy, too tired or I don’t have time. (I really get a kick out of that last one!  I wish you knew how funny you are when you say, “I don’t have time.” LOL My Adorable One, you have all the time in the world.)

All day, every day I am there and I’ve watched you struggle with this lack of direction for years and years. Your team of angels has led you to the House Fairy and Club Organized and it’s because of us you read, if or when you read Sidetracked Home Executives, and The Joy of Being Disorganized. But I can’t really help you until you let me. Until then I just have to wait, but remember I have all the time in the world too and there is no pressure. 

Mind you, while I wait, I keep myself busy. I’m here to love you and surround you with light which is a fulltime job. Oh, and I’m constantly on the lookout for things that’ll make you laugh, get you to dance, sing and play because when you’re busy enjoying your life you are one with God and that joyful energy lights up the planet.

By the way, you are here to enjoy the ride and I’m like your personal tour guide with wings. Now you can read Pam’s 7 things to think about.


Your Angel



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Fun-filled Get Away at a 3-Bedroom Ranch

Posted by Pam Young

Aug 5, 2019 5:08:00 AM


Young people don’t have bucket lists.There’s just too much they want to do to bother making a list. Besides, young people are too busy with NOW to think much about TOMORROWS. They’ll also discover as they age, they could never imagine some of the stuff they’ll do, without it ever appearing on a list. Like this duck who never dreamed he'd swim with the flamingos, and ended up doing it without it being on his bucket list.

My bucket list is getting shorter (like that duck's legs), but it’s a good thing. I’m finding out, I cross off been-there-done-that stuff faster than I’m adding more to do.  


Then there are those desires that gradually fade in time. For example, I carried around a wish for fifty years that I’m “happily” crossing off my bucket list, not because I did it, but because now I don’t want to. With just a little thought I got to the bottom of why it’s been such a perennial desire. ADVERTISING & MARKETING!

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