Are You at a Crossroads in Your Life?



Do you feel as if you’re at a crossroads in your life? This year has taken an unnecessary toll on our emotions as women. All we want is for our families to be safe, healthy and happy. We want to be more organized because we know we'd feel better and live with more ease. We'd love not to have to hurry and have food to cook when it's mealtime. We'd love knowing where everything is because everything would have a place and everything would be in it. We intuitively know that disorganization affects all areas of our lives; our bodies, our work, our relationships and our homes and we know it’s possible to feel good in our bodies, be happy in our relationships, thrive in our work and have a home that is clutter-free, peaceful and welcoming if only we were better organized.

Do you have a sense that everything will work out, because it always does? Even the things you’ve called bad, in time, turn out to be blessings in the whole scheme of things. Everything does turn out, but when we have a calender and a plan, life is so much easier. We all work too hard at this thing called life.

If you feel you’re at a place in life that could be a major turning point, I hope you’ll join Kathy Roberts (the Tidy Tutor) and me on November 28, from noon to 4:00 pm in Arlington, NJ. When a group of SHEs get together they reinforce the truth that they’re not alone and they can better understand that those gifted in the sidetracked arts are spontaneous, lighthearted, optimistic and beloved. And you know what the first letter in each of those adjectives spells.

So if you live near New York, it'd be so nice to meet you. Kathy and I will share what we've learned on our treks from pigpens to paradise. Just call us Spur-of-the-moment Mamas, because we decided to do this about 30 days ago! We thought, since I'm going to be in New York (a very rare occasion) and Kathy lives in New Jersey, we should do something fun together. Since we both love to help people get organized and we both love to eat, we picked a place to do both. Click on the invite to register. It's a great deal too! For $99 you get lunch, the workshop and if you sign up a friend when you register, she gets to come free. 

So be a Spur-of-the-moment mama too and join us by clicking on the invitation!1-1024x576-1.png


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