Decisions Can Be Hard Sometimes

to pee or not to peeTo pee or not to pee, that is the question.


With three foot drifts of snow at our front door, Maggie, our Labradoodle, could NOT make up her mind to go out the other morning. I had to get my boots and coat on and go out first. It made me think about those difficult decisions we sometimes have to make in life and how great it is to have a partner to help.

My decision to get organized back in 1977 lead to success because I had a partner; my sister. Together we had ten times the energy we had separately. (That's Biblical.) 

If you've been on the fence (or in the doorway) to get organized, seek out a partner who has the same desire. It's interesting to me that I was married when I made the decision to get organized and my husband held my disorder against me. One would think that my decision would have been welcomed by him, but instead I was ridiculed and criticized as my sister and I turned our lives around. We went from pigpens to paradise in six months! 

Had I let his actions and words deter me I would have been like Maggie focused in on the negativity of the situation. She was literally frozen in the doorway. Instead with my sister's encouragement, I ignored my "then" husband  and worked to get organized for me.

Don't allow anyone to cause you to doubt your ability to succeed. Find someone to share the change you want to make. "Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise" could be your partner, at least until the pandemic is over. 

My sister retired 15 years ago, but I'm still here for you. 

Sidetracked Home Executive: from pigpen to paradise E-book


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