Dumb Happens When Bored~Cure For Doing Dumb Stuff


Have you caught yourself saying, "Duh, that was dumb to do."? 


When we do something without thinking, we usually judge it to be dumb. Some of the dumbest stuff I do is when I'm looking for something. I'll catch myself looking in the same place. DUMB. Or I'll look in some stupid place like the refrigerator when I'm looking for my phone. DUMB.

When I was disorganized, the dumbest thing I did "routinely" was escape the mess with my kids and go play. What would you label leaving the house in a big mess and going out to have fun? It's DUMB. Mainly because it feels awful to come home to a mess and while you're out you feel guilty.

It's so easy to put off tidying up and doing most household tasks which are mindless and boring. You’d really be dumb if the joy of your life was scouring toilets and scrubbing floors. Well, I take that back, BOs (Born Organized) truly do love many of those household chores and I know many very intelligent BOs. I knew a woman who vacuumed every day and couldn't go to bed at night if she hadn't. She had such passion in her eyes when she spoke about vacuuming.

Unfortunately, we SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) aren't that thrilled with vacuuming. But to have a clean, cozy peaceful home, someone has to take care of those unexciting chores.

If you can’t afford to pay for help or you haven’t trained your family to help (that’s a whole other blog and a chapter in my book, The Joy of Being Disorganized), you’re stuck doing it. It does help to play your favorite upbeat music while you work, but let’s face it, boring is boring, but not doing it is DUMB.

There's a light at the end of the mop! Today, we’re so fortunate to have wonderful ways to counter the mundane. Introducing, entertainment as a reward!


A Juicy Carrot

We’re drawn to romance novels, two-hanky movies, reality TV, trashy check stand journalism and People_Magazine.jpgglossy magazines that feature the latest celeb pregnancy. (The mother of quintuplets once told me that with five babies she didn’t have time to read magazines, but she got enough of a celeb fix waiting in line at the grocery check-out and reading just the headlines.)Inquirer.jpg


Since we’re basically curious and we all love a little drama in our “normal” lives, it’s important to get some excitement vicariously so we don’t have to be in reckless pursuit of chaos in real life. It’s fun to see what happens in the passionate lives of others without being swept away ourselves. And we can use entertainment as a reward for getting our boring stuff out of the way.

 rx.pngThat’s why I prescribe watching at least one movie a week, and one or two of your favorite drama series on television on your way to having a clean, cozy peaceful home. Use the entertainment as a carrot and suck up all the drama you need. Right now, we’re watching past episodes of Prison Break prison_break.jpgand Heartland on Netflix. With Netflix we don’t have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode.



(How did we do it with those cliff-hanger-type programs, having to wait to see what will happen next?)


The Zones

In order do have a clean, peaceful and cozy home you really have to be organized enough to have a routine that keeps dirt, dust and clutter at bay. If you’re not sure how my zones work it’s very simple. Divide your home into five zones and assign each zone to a week in the month (in the first and fifth weeks there will usually be fewer days depending on the month so you’ll want to put rooms with less to do in those weeks). Then, every Sunday see what week you’re in and what zone in your home will be your focus.

The zones keep you from sidetracking and also from neglecting chores that need to be done on a monthly basis.

My sister and I gave Flylady license to use our zone plan and she sends out her flight plan every day to help you know what zone she’s in. Also, there’s a chapter in The Joy of Being Disorganized dealing with zones and how you can customize them to your home.

Even though boring is boring, and dumb is dumb, there are ways to enjoy mundane household tasks and this blog will give you some great ideas. http://blog.cluborganized.com/5-ways-to-enjoy 

When you get organized, you'll still do dumb stuff, but often it's the dumb stuff we do that makes life interesting. 

Have fun!

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