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I’m not exactly sure why this happened, but last week, when I woke up on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday. Since it was Wednesday (in my mind) I thought I had an appointment to have my hair cut. In case you don’t know this, I get my farm, fresh eggs at “My Shop” (the place I get my hair cut) and when I walked in, Billy Jo who cuts my hair said, “Are you here to get eggs?”


“No, I’m getting my hair cut,” I replied.

“Oh, okay,” she said.

So I sat in the chair, told her I’d already washed my hair, and she proceeded to spray water on my head so she could cut my hair wet. We chatted and talked about a woman who was supposed to come in before my appointment and hadn’t shown up. While we were chatting and cutting another stylist came up to us and said to Billy Jo, “Evelyn’s granddaughter just called and said her grandma was in Hospice care and they were sorry she’d missed her appointment today.”

Billy Jo and I yakked on about the sadness of dementia and both agreed we wouldn’t want to stay around not being up to speed with what’s going on.

It was only when I went to pay and make a new appointment that Billy Jo looked in her appointment book and said, “Hey, wait a minute, you didn’t have an appointment today, Betty Wilson was supposed to be here. Look, one o’clock Tuesday!”

That’s when I discovered it was Tuesday. “Oh, no, I thought today was Wednesday! My appointment’s tomorrow!” I groaned.

Billy Jo looked at Wednesday in her book and said, “No Pam, I don’t have you down for an appointment tomorrow!” She was positive, as she moved her finger down the list of customers in need of haircuts, dye jobs, mani-pedis and waxings on Wednesday.

“Well, then, when is my appointment?” I whined (a little like Dr. Sheldon Cooper).

Billy Jo thumbed through the pages of her appointment book and found me scheduled for May 30 which does happen to be a Wednesday, if that helps any in my case for my sanity.

I have to say; I’m quite practiced at MISSING appointments, so I totally know how Betty Wilson probably felt when she discovered she’d failed to meet her appointment. It’s a little like the feeling you get when you think you’ve lost something very valuable like a kid or your cell phone.

I think this is the first appointment in which I’ve been a week and a day EARLY! I think I’ll blame the whole thing on my birthday, which was May 8. At my age, I feel the whole month of May is my birthday and I’ve been treating each day as if it is, disregarding the other names we give our days like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Maybe next month I’ll get back to paying attention to each day’s name….maybe not. Hey, I still got my hair cut AND I helped Billy Jo out by being a paying customer in that time her chair would have been empty!

If you’re a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive), I’d love to hear from you how being late or accidentally early created a positive experience. It seems one of our attributes is we’re not slaves to a calendar and things always work out! Just email me at pam@pamyoung.org. I promise I’ll answer!  




P.S. I'm getting a pedicure in place of my haircut on Wednesday, May 30. Oh wait! I have to be on television that day and I have to leave for Portland at 1:30. Glad I wrote a P.S. I'll call Billy Jo as soon as I finish sending this.

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