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as_seen_on.jpgWhen you were little, did you try to get answers from daisies like, “he loves me, he loves me not?” Maiming daisies for answers seems a little cruel but there is another way. Have you ever asked a question and gone to a random book, on a random page for the answer? If you've never done it you don't know what  you're missing. 


Right now, I’m waiting to hear whether my project is going forward or not. My patience is being tested, because I’m excited to know. So I picked up a book, I’ve been currently re-reading entitled, Think and Grow Rich, which I’ve had in my library since 1968. I opened the book randomly, to a page and closed my eyes and pointed to a place on one of the pages. This is what it said: Faith removes limitations! Remember this when you are ready to bargain with Life for whatever it is that you ask as your price for having passed this way. Without telling you what the news is about, I will say that these words fit perfectly (which is almost always what happens when I do this) with what I’m waiting to hear.

Try this. Ask, “What do I need to read that will help me be happier today?” Then, get out a book from your shelves and randomly open it, and with your eyes shut point to a spot on either page. I just did it with that question in mind, and I randomly picked Switch, a book by Chip and Dan Heath (a fabulous book by the way). I already had used the paper covering of this hardback book, as a bookmark, so I decided I’d go with that place to open the book. I closed my eyes and with my index finger, I pointed to a spot in the upper part of the page to the right. The words my finger was touching were the title of a chapter. Find the Feeling. Those words got me excited and elicited joy, because when we desire something, an outcome of any kind, we have the ability to use our imagination to experience the joy we’d feel with the news we want before it actually happens.


I recently listened to an interview Oprah had with Esther Hicks, who can tune into a source of wisdom she calls Abraham. I’ve been interested in Esther’s work since The Secret came out years ago. Since I grew up in a metaphysical religion, and studied to be a minister, before I became a writer, I’ve always known we are more spiritual than physical. In other words, that spiritual part of us we can’t see is way bigger than the physical part of us we can see. My life is living proof of my knowing we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 


Abraham says, our emotions are extremely important in attracting what we want in our lives. If you can get the feeling right now, in this moment, that you’d get if the news you want came to you, you create the vibe where miracles happen. Every emotion carries a certain vibration. If you’re sad you send out a sad, low signal. If you’re joyful, your signal is strong. If you’re afraid, that signal is strong and its frequency is like a shield not allowing your good to come to you. When you are at peace, your heart is open for all the good you can embody.


I wrote in The Joy of Being Disorganized:


I am in a peaceful place. All the peace I can experience is mine right now. All I have to do is be open and alert to accept this peace that is mine. I’m no longer going to fight my disorder, instead I’m going to use my wonderful imagination to lead me to make this room a peaceful and inviting center for me. I’m going to be steadfast in refusing to listen to negative thoughts, especially from myself and from others who sabotage this promise of peace I’ve made. I declare that peace will grace this room with its soothing presence from now on. In this moment, my peace rushes to me, enough to share with my family, my community, and my world. I am a peacemaker and a peacekeeper, and I’m not alone in my quest to put peace into this room. My Creator is always mighty in the midst of me. I love who I am, and I’m going to do this for me and in my way. My way is the only way for me. My peace can never be denied me because my source of peace comes from God, the indwelling essence of my life.Contentment-2.jpg



joy_of_being_disorganized.jpgFor a free chapter in The Joy of Being Disorganized, on how to declutter your home room-by-room, just click here: The chapter is entitled There Arose Such a Clutter and you’ll suddenly see your clutter with new eyes.

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