Want to Lose Weight and be healthy?

Pam Young Get Organized Guru

For most of us, to lose weight has been an ongoing...and losing..battle.


For four years I have maintained my weight right where I want it....okay, okay close to where I want it....and have eaten delicious food. 


To lose weight, cut out anything wheat, white or sweet. Here's a recipe that cuts out the wheat and the sweet, and you and your family will love it.

It's for delicious, healthy low carb flourless tortillas.low carb tortillas

They'll chop out about 60 carbs from your day.

That'll help you lose weight and that'll help you be healthier.

This is just one of many of my low carb videos.


Anything with flour in it will pack on the pounds. That's the truth. Cut out flour...actually anything with wheat...and you'll start losing weight. Here's a blog about this topic: http://blog.cluborganized.com/eat-healthy.-be-happy.-have-fun 

Go ahead, test it for one week and you'll see.

This is just one of the truths you'll find in my weight loss book The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here.

Buy The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!


Pam Young Get Organized Guru


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