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When you read autobiographies of famous people who had absolutely horrible childhoods, but survived and are happy, productive and successful adults in spite of it, doesn’t it give you faith in knowing that each of us has a guidance system within?

In the cases of Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle, Jewel, Never Broken and Drew Barrymore Wildflower, these women survived unimaginable child abuse.


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Now, as adults, they are beacons of light, proof that the Universe has your back if you’ll only become aware of the guidance that waits for your recognition. In every one of these autobiographies, these women had forgiven their parents, when it would be so hard to do! In that forgiveness they were able to use their God-given talents for the good of all.wayne.jpg


Dr. Wayne Dyer is another example of a child having a father you’d like put in the slammer to rot, but Wayne was able to see clearly (part of the title of his final book) and pardon and even thank his father for his part in Wayne’s birth (sperm).


Reading forgiveness literature opens doors for those who have been unable to do that. Books like these with unbelievable stories of child abuse, can put into perspective petty grudges we might otherwise have and tend to rehearse from time-to-time, involving our parent’s parenting.


If you put Jeannette, Jewel, Drew and Wayne into a room, they could spend hours topping each other’s stories, but instead they’d probably share their wisdom, love, joy, talent and appreciation for life with each other. They really know who they are and they each have tapped into why they are here. We get to benefit from their enlightenment.


If you tend to get hung up in not being able tolet go, read one of these books. You’ll be enlightened by their incredible love for life and they’ll help you let go of any blame you carry for what someone did to you.


The truth is that everything you need to know is within you right now. Your GPS is on, but like a calendar, a watch or a cell phone, you have to pay attention to it or it’s useless to you.


In a book called This Thing Called You, Ernest Holmes writes such a lovely piece about this inner GPS. Read it as if God is speaking to you:


“Okay, little one, the game is yours. Play it as you see fit. I’m going to serve you, but don’t fool yourself. I’m going to reflect right back to you with exactness, what you think about most of the time. If you don’t like what is happening, I’m not going to be disturbed. You are in control of your fate. You are the captain of your soul.

“I have given you all. I have implanted freedom, individuality and self-choice within you. Finally through experience, you will learn the better and wiser way. I’m love as well as law, beauty as well as reason, feeling as well as intellect. You are set on the path of self-discovery. Your fantastic will, seeking good for yourself that you would not willingly give to others, may lead you up many blind alleys, you may meet with disappointment and despair, but I have also placed within you a compass and a chart. There is a course you may pursue which leads to happiness, to wholeness, to peace of mind and joy.


“Some day you will follow this path, because I have placed a spirit within you which is ever seeking to guide, ever standing aside permitting you partially to obliterate that spark which is Me. Through all the rounds of experience I am there.


“Some day when you sit down by the roadside, weary with struggle, you will listen deeply and you will hear a voice saying, ‘This is the path, follow it.’ Even then I shall wait, for you are you and you cannot return to My house until you are ready. Always I shall be waiting. I shall not reproach you when you return. You will be welcome. The time of your return is in your own decision. It may be now or at any time in that vast forever which stretches before you.”


You are never alone and the Universe has your back, but you can get caught up in the busyness of life and forget the truth. If much of your energy is being spent on regrets from the past or worry for the future, maybe it’s time to sit down by the roadside and check out that GPS within you.

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