Fresh, delicious, tangy Basalmic Vinaigrette Dressing


Throw on a chef hat and get ready to go gourmet. You’ll love discovering what Italians have enjoyed for over 900 years....balsamic vinegar. Once you try my classy fresh salad dressing you won't ever want the store bought bottled stuff again. Of course, I wouldn't want you to think I come from a family of food snobs or anything—in fact in chapter eight of my book “The Joy of being Disorganized” I tell about my Aunt Tottie making orange juice and using her hand to stir it when she couldn't find a spoon. It's just that good food can be so easy to create and makes you feel so special because you know what you make at home is unprocessed and healthy for you and your family. So hurry and try this incredible deserve it!


Balsamic Vinaigrette

Three quarters cup balsamic vinegar

Three quarters cup olive oil

Five cloves of chopped garlic

Two sprigs of parsley and one sprig of rosemary

One teaspoon Penzeys Italian dressing base

One teaspoon Penzeys Country French vinaigrette

Half teaspoon Lawry’s Season Salt

In a small blender add all ingredients, except for the olive oil. Blend for about 30 seconds on high. Pour into medium-sized bowl and add the olive oil, whisking as you pour it in. Whisk for about a minute.

Add about seven “wanks” of fresh ground pepper.

Bottle the dressing and store in refrigerator.

I hope you’ll stop buying processed salad dressings, now that you see how simple they are to make at home!



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