Garbage Can Out---Pam Young In

as_seen_on.jpgJust so you know how clean it is under my kitchen sink, I actually climbed inside the cupboard under there and my husband videotaped it! He actually thought I wouldn’t fit under there. Ha, I sure showed him! Flylady teaches us to shine our sink and in this video I teach you how clean under it. Talk about zany fun!oscarthegrouch.jpg

Just like in the Wizard of Oz, the good fairy called out to the little Munchkins to "come out, come out!" But, just for fun, I'm telling you, “go under, go under!” In the old days I wouldn't think of trying to squish myself inside the smelly zone under the sink where the garbage can lives. Who knows what would have happened! For sure I’d have had coffee grounds in my hair and bacon grease on my knees. Yuck!

If you follow my video, you can get that cupboard all spiffed up, and take a whiff of your sparkling clean new hiding place. So follow me right inside. Well not too close....we might not all fit!


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