How Clean is it Under Your Kitchen Sink?



How to REALLY clean the cabinet under the kitchen sink


Do you clean the cabinet under your kitchen sink once a month? Happiness is a clean kitchen, but the old saying, Out of sight out of mind can really be true when it comes to this cabnet. If your knees had eyes, they'd see under the sink when the cupboard was open and you’d be down on them with a bucket of sudsy water and a brush at least once a month to clean under there.

This is not an April Fool's joke, I really did this! I decided to show you how to clean under the sink and to prove to you how clean my cabinet was, I got into it! Actually when we shot this video Terry didn’t think I could fit in the cabinet, and I wasn’t about to let him think that! The rest is history. 


How to clean under your kitchen sink






In my latest book The Joy of Being Disorganized I outline a simple system on 3x5 cards incorporating the zones you see on Flylady’s website. My sister and I came up with the zones,
taught Flylady how they work and gave her permission to use them on her website. In this book I explain how the zones work, if you’ve ever wondered about that. 








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