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The Magical Power of a Daily Routine




At this very moment, you are creating your tomorrow with your habitual thoughts and subsequent actions. If you love the consequences these habits are dilivering to you, you’re on a magnificent journey through this life you’ve been given. But if you don’t particularly like the way your life is going right now, you have the power to choose new thoughts that’ll create wonderful consequences for your tomorrow.

Do you know who Ordelle Daily is? She’s a fictitious character I drummed up and wrote a poem about to explain what a BO (Born Organized) is. Here’s a letter from a reader who remembered Ordelle Daily


Dear Pam,

I read your books in the early 80s, did your 3x5 card organizing system at least five times with great success every time, but over the years, I’ve felt like a failure because I’ve never been able to be consistent with the system.

Then I read your new book because, once again I found myself in a humongous mess. While reading it, I realized why I’ll never be like my mother who was an Ordelle Daily. I’m ME and there’s only one of me with all my creative inconsistencies! Thank you for shining a beautiful light on who I really am!



Ordelle is a powerhouse of habit. Here’s the poem I wrote about her. I’ll warn you ahead of time; it’s got a sad ending.




Ordelle Daily was an organized soul

No one could match her skill

The crack of dawn was her rising time

Her day was a routine drill.


Showered and dressed in just under ten

Breakfast in less than three

Dishes cleared, the dusting done

She knew she wouldn’t be free


Until the table was set for dinner

And the bathrooms were sanitized

And the plants in her terrarium

Were properly fertilized


And the pile of ironing nagging her

(Just a blouse and her husband’s shirt)

Were pressed to their perfection

And put away so they wouldn’t hurt


The streamline look in her laundry room

A sight not seen by most

With its white and shiny counters

And appliances she could boast


Were cleaned on the inside

Polished on the out

Twice a day

With the right amount


Of elbow grease

And lemon pledge

She even polished

The window ledge


Then back upstairs

To make the bed

Brush her teeth

While her prayers were said


Vacuum carpets,

Check the clock

Exactly time

To wake the flock.


“Get up kids,

It’s time to rise”

Back down stairs

To bake some pies


At eight when the kids got on the bus

Her day had just begun

She didn’t waste a moment

But worked straight through to one


At one she ate an apple

While she wrote a menu plan

Answered several letters

Then off to the store she ran


She never had to look for things

They were always in their place

Her hair was always perfect

She had make-up on her face


She never missed appointments

And she’d always get there early

Tardy wasn’t even part

Of her vocabulary


That’s why it’s so ironic

That when her name was in the news

A synonym for tardy

Was the word the writer used


The column in the paper said,

“Ordelle was thirty four,”

She left behind a tidy home

From the ceiling to the floor


Ordelle never played in life

She worked to her demise

The writer named the funeral home

Where the “late” Ordelle Daily lies

 ordelle (1).jpg

Why You're Not Organized Right Now     LOL

Want to know the real reason you’re not organized right now? LOL. (No, that question isn't something to laugh at, this time LOL stands for Love Of Live.) You are a lover of life! You’re a passionate person and you love all the projects that life serves up to you including getting organized. You love to start fresh with abundant enthusiasm and you love people.

Because of your God-given ability to establish habits (good or bad) you spend most of your life in habitual mode. If you have habits that don’t serve up wonderful consequences, now’s the time to make changes, first in your thinking. Do you want an Ordelle Daily life? If you’re a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) I don’t think you do. You want to have fun with family and friends, eat good food, sleep well and because you’re not meant to be unhappy, you have a divine urge to be happy.

You have the power to have a marvelous new life and you are the only one who can define what that looks like.

00004972.jpgStart defining! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Write it down as if it’s true now and stick those words in every place you can think of that will cause you to bump into it. You might write down, I am organized just enough to please me.  Stick that sentence in your purse, write it in your phone, tape it to the bathroom mirror, inside a kitchen cupboard, inside the freezer, on the dashboard of your car, you get the idea.

Now go make a new tomorrow. (Here's a blog about a daily routine with a cranky husband.) Just click on the deer at my gate.



P.S. My book "joyofbeingdisorganized-cover3.pngThe Joy of Being Disorganized" will help you on your journey to get organized just enough to please you. Just tap on the cover. 








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