Fresh, Homegrown Herbs Will Perk up Your Food



Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. You don't have to traipse all the way to Scarborough Fair with Simon and Garfunkel to get your own fresh herbs. They're super easy to grow yourself! In this video I show you how my purple cabbages, used to decorate my window boxes, ended up being in some very tasty salads. While you're watching this video about my herb gardens, I'm going to be bugging those computer nerds to hurry up and invent “e-smell" so someday you can sit back and take in the delicious aroma coming from my garden and kitchen. Until then...let's get planting!

I was lucky enough to visit Italy for a week. One thing I noticed was every little restaurant had an herb garden herbs-1right outside. We stayed at a villa. They had a huge garden and when they needed something they just stepped outside and picked it. Oh, my goodness. "Magnifico" flavors just burst out. Take 25 seconds to watch this video my husband shot.


I hope you enjoy my segments in the kitchen. I love creating delicious, healthy meals.



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