Halloween Costumes for Infant's Carrier

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Now that I'm a great grandma, my creative right brain kicked in with a new idea for you if you know an infant you'd love to put in a costume for Halloween. Stop! Why not decorate the baby's carrier instead of the poor baby. They've gone through enough recently! So now I'm going to send you to watch a video on the live television show I appear on regularly.I'll show you exactly how to turn an infant carrier into several scary beings.


Note: sometimes it can be slow to stream so be patient because it's worth the wait! Here's the link https://katu.com/afternoon-live/lifestyle-health/pams-halloween-ideas 

If you're a young mother or you know one, be sure to have fun with motherhood. It's a God-given honor to be a mother and the world will not glorify what you do. You have to know that all the mothers in the world know what the job means. Afterall in this day of being able to choose whether you're going to be one or not makes your choice worthy of great praise. 

Thank you!



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