Did You Enjoy Halloween?



Yesterday was Halloween and Terry and I had such fun in our costumes! We dressed as Trump andDSC_8577-1.jpg Clinton. (I actually planned ahead and bought wigs on the internet.)

Our main stop was to the bank to get crisp five dollar bills for our trick-or-treaters (we just have six children in our neighborhood who have been coming to our house since they were babies). Our banker and the tellers were all dressed as minions and we enjoyed laughing at each other. They wanted to know why our bank accounts don't reflect all that money we have! 

If ever there was evidence that we all have an inner child just waiting for any opportunity to play, Halloween certainly gives us a reason to let them out.




As you can see, I used my stickers that disguise money for gift-giving on my trick-or-treats. Each Lincoln has a completely different look and the kids loved choosing. 




We live at the end of a 300 foot drive-way, in a sub-division of five-acre parcels, so we never have trick-or-treaters other than the six who have graced our door for thirteen years. They know they won't get candy, but they do get cash and that keeps them coming! This is our youngest, Connor, deciding which Lincoln he's going to pick.DSC_8591.jpg



We're so grateful for such wonderful neighbors! It's such a joy to watch these children grow up. We hope you had a memorable Halloween this year and have many more to come.






Happy November! 





Here we all are. Shannon (she's on the cover of my book "The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!" took this photo.

                                         PLEASE VOTE!IMG_4834.jpg


 With the holidays upon us, I suggest getting my Stick it Right on the Money Gift-giving Kit. Give cash with humor and artistic flair. Just click on Trump for more information.


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