House Fairy De-clutters a Real Child's Bedroom





Within the House Fairy Program you'll find the Messy Room Rescue series which was a make-over of a real child’s messy bedroom. Sophie, (the child in the video) is my granddaughter and the mother is my daughter, Peggy. Sophie is now a freshman in college and my hope is she’s learned a lot about keeping a neat room. More important than that is that she is an amazing young woman.

Here's video clip from the series.




Have you found that the biggest problem with kids’ messy bedrooms is too much stuff? The main reason there is too much stuff is because children not only physically grow quarterly they mentally and emotionally do too! That means they not only grow out of their clothes, they outgrow their books and toys. With the start of this new quarter, this is a good time to check in and get all the clothes, toys and books they’ve outgrown out of their rooms.

We, as parents, need to be on top of what they’re wearing, playing with and reading. Generally the clothes on chairs, beds and floors are the clothes they are currently wearing and the clothes in the drawers are too small or out of season. As far as what they're currently reading and playing with, that's pretty obvious too. The stuff they're not using is at the bottom of the toy box and stuffed in corners of closets and under beds.

Kids can’t put their clean clothes away in their drawers if they are already stuffed with clothes they don’t wear. They can't put their toys away when shelves are filled with books they don't read, and toy boxes filled with toys they don't play with.

Here's a letter from a House Fairy member telling how the program helped her and her children.

Dear Pam,

I’m a big fan and have all your books. (One my mom gave me when I got married. She knew I had the same SHE gene! LOL) I have two great kids that keep me very busy to say the least. We’ve been members of the House Fairy for over a year now and her unscheduled inspections have really helped the girls get in the habit of keeping their rooms up. Especially the Messy Room Video series in the program made me realize I was blind to how many clothes my girls had and how they weighed on their spirits. Watching the video and seeing Sophie (with her mom’s help) get rid of all the clothes she really didn’t want was inspiring! We worked 15 minutes at a time (with the three of us working together we counted it as 45 minutes) we had the girls’ rooms streamlined in a week! Then they looked at me with those innocent eyes and said, “Mommy, now let’s do your room.”

Gulp! Okay, so mine’s next and I think I can have mine as streamlined as theirs by Valentine’s Day! That’s my goal! I’ll let you know if I make it. Thank you for breaking de-junking into manageable steps.

Clara N

To purchase a House Fairy membership and get the Room Rescue series along with 60 video lessons including one to help your child learn to manage money, just click on the House Fairy.official hf rules # 4.png







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