How to Get Husbands to Help with Housework






In our writing career we spoke to thousands of groups and rarely did we have men in our audiences. We even thought about having a seminar just for men, but most wondered if we could have a television there with "the game" on in the background or better yet, conduct the workshop from a tavern or sports bar. Of course we never were able to pull off a How to Organize Your Home exclusively for men, so we did the next best thing. We put some thought into how to get husbands to help around the house. Here we are on television with Gary Collins talking about just that.


 The video has some really good ideas that will help.






P.S. In The Joy of Being Disorganized there is a good chapter on how to delegate! If you're not very good at delegating, this book will help you get the help you deserve. Just click on the cover.joyofbeingdisorganized-cover3.png







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