FIRE! What Would You Grab?


What was your answer? I'd grab my Cuisinart. (I'd grab Maggie, but if the flames weren't too much, I'd go back in and get my Cuisinart.)

Did you like Oprah's favorite things show she used to do? She still does it in some magazine, but I'm not sure which one. It's fun to see what she likes and so I thought I'd tell you what I like (not like I think I'm an Oprah). 

I use my Cuisinart to make everything from cole slaw to pie crust. I grate cheese and grind meat with it and make sauces smooth if they're ever lumply. If you've never owned one, you'll use it almost every day. It's hard work to make soups and vegetable dishes, chopping, slicing, pureeing without a food processor.

The Cuisinart takes all the hard work out of the kitchen. My first Cuisinart was 30 years old when it kicked the bucket! Right away I replaced it and was so pleased to see the product is the same quality! If there was a fire, I'd definitely grab my Cuisinart. If you want to purchase one from Amazon, I got the link for you. Just click on my house to buy it, not my house, the Cuisinart. House in Oct

If you like to go to estate sales be on the lookout for the more expensive kitchen equipment like Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid. They are such good products that they last decades! 

That photo of our home was taken several years ago. We've ripped out the lawn and moved the trees that were in the flowerbed under the garage windows. We were in the yard this morning, getting ready for fall, so I took this photo. IMG_0153We're having a beautiful season here in Washington state. The nights are getting cold, but the days have been warm and sunny. 

Wherever you are, get out and enjoy this special time of year!














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