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Are you disorganized?

Have you read a bunch of get organized books in the hopes of cleaning up your act, but you’re still in a mess? According to Amazon, there are 4,939 titles in print on the subject and not one result matched for “using your imagination to get organized.” You probably already know being organized is simply about routines and habits, so if you’re disorganized, you just haven’t found the motivation to do it. 00096136.jpg


If you are disorganized you know it affects every area of your life: your health and fitness, appearance, finances, relationships and even your spiritual life. By getting a handle on organization you’ll be able to improve in all areas of your life. All you need are a few scenarios to jump start your imagination and help you put entertainment and drama into your otherwise humdrum, boring, uneventful or maybe even sad life, by turning mundane tasks into high adventures . . . until they become automatic habits.


Getting organized is more about MIND management then it is about TIME management. Our minds are the key to our success in getting and staying organized. William James, a famous philosopher said: “Things are not as they are, but as we are.” Our job then is to approach our problem with a new way to see our situation. Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So let’s start using our fabulous imaginations to put a new spin on our circumstances and get organized just for the fun of it.


  • Sweeping the floor is much more fun if you pretend you are on television and you’re doing a commercial demonstrating how easy your Swiffer sweeper picks up dust and crumbs. Turn any household task, washing dishes, windows or the toilet into “commercial mode” and you are the spokesperson.


  • DSC_2424.jpgIf your kids are small and they misbehave, pretend they are someone else’s children you are babysitting. It’ll help to keep your cool and keep from exploding. Also pretend you are caring for them behind a two-way mirror and an agent from child protective services is on the other side.


  • Turn cleaning your bedroom into a great archeological dig. What if every dirty sock you picked up you pretended was really a priceless artifact and worth millions of dollars?


  • You could pretend to be Scarlett O’Hara and Ashley Wilkes spent the night while Rhett was away and now you’ve got to get your bedroom cleaned up before Rhett gets home in ten minutes.


  • DSC_6757.jpgWith your marvelous imagination you can turn a simple walk into a horseback adventure over rugged mountains on the Oregon Trail or turn drying your dishes into magic-genie-lamp rubbing.


  • You can pretend you are a rich queen in the 1600s and you are the only one in the world with electricity, therefore all of your appliances and modern conveniences are absolute miracles.


  • Imagine up a twin to help you! How much more fun would it be if you had a clone who looked jusDSC_9092.jpgt like you? Divide your room in half and split the work with your twin. After 15 minutes trade sides! You can even be disgusted with how little work your twin did, or not.


  • It’s errand day and you have to go to the grocery store, post office, dry cleaners and the bank. Pretend you are a famous, sexy, gorgeous movie star (you choose the star) in a disguise that looks like you. Your movie star choice gets to be you for the day and experience the joy of anonymity and the freedom from fans’ stares, autograph hounds and interruptions that go along with being famous. You get to imagine being that movie star in a disguise. That means you have to carry yourself like the star, buy the food you think a star with that body would eat and feel stardom as you go about your commonplace errands.


Once you get started using your imagination, it’ll come up with more ways to have fun with the ordinary, mundane tasks of the homemaker.

If you want to get organized just enough to please you, get The Joy of Being Disorganized and watch your home change for the better.

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