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I bet my friend Ina Scott will put a smile on your face. You'll probably see yourself in her writings.


"Yesterday Glen and I had our first really smooth, Thanksgiving dinner ever,

thanks to the marvels of list-making and doing as much as we could ahead of time. Even so, I cooked and washed dishes all morning long, but it was a peaceful time, and shoot dang, I was fresh out of the shower, dressed, and putting my hair dryer away as my guests rang the doorbell 4 minutes early, not that I was counting
much—okay maybe I was counting, but definitely not obsessing! 

Outside of the improved organization, I had a few breakthroughs that seem minuscule but are actually huge because they represent such a shift in my thinking.


First, as I was getting ready to cook pasta for Mac & Cheese (the meatless option on our Thanksgiving menu); I looked at the pasta and thought maybe it was the wrong shape. pasta.jpgVisions of running down to the grocery store for a bag of the “right” shaped article danced in my head, but they were interrupted by a little voice saying, “Don’t doubt yourself. You decided on this pasta and it will be just fine.”  


Then I realized that the baking dish in which I always cook Mac & Cheese was MIA. Glen was so eager to keep the peace of our day that he offered to run to Target and buy a replacement, but the voice piped in again and told him, “We’re not going to buy another baking dish on the spur of the moment. I’ll use the big ugly one for today and take my time deciding about a replacement that I really like.” It seems like after almost 65 years, my inner wisdom has FINALLY decided to speak up. mac__cheese.jpg


Second, as I was finishing setting the table (early…tadah!) I realized that it was just a boring table top dressed in an off-white cloth and covered with dishes, glasses, and silverware. The flowers that belonged in the middle of my table were in some retail case feeling unwanted. Well, Gracie [my inner child] took a quick scan and noticed that on the counter there was a grey crockery pitcher with several stems of lemon leaves poking out the top, grabbed it, and blue_willow.jpgset it right in the middle of the dinner table. It complimented the Blue Willow plates very nicely, and the table looked nice. Then we remembered the hydrangeas in the front yard and cut three of them to nestle between the leaves. It was, by now, looking quite lovely. It seems that Gracie is a lot more creative in a peaceful, organized environment! 

The way life is lived and business is done keeps changing and it seems to me like all of us are standing on constantly shifting sands, watching the world we came into disappear, replaced by one we barely recognize which will also vanish quickly. It makes me think of something that St. Teresa of Avila is supposed to have said to God, “It’s no wonder you have so few friends, look at the way you treat them!”

What is it that finally sends you over the tipping point from complete overwhelm to relative peace? I am convinced that it begins with accepting and appreciating yourself which leads to accepting and appreciating the people and circumstances that surround you. This morphs into really loving life and getting a kick out of all the crazy things people dream of, work for and actually accomplish.

I just want to let you know that many of the troubles I have shared with you in the past are healing themselves in seemingly direct proportion to my giving up my efforts to fix anything except my own thoughts and actions. I know I have thanked you before, but as each new phase unfolds, I feel the desire to say thank you again. I wish/ hope that we will meet again and take a nice long walk together. For now, I send you all my best and wish you the happiest of holidays filled with peace and joy. 

Hug, hug, hug,



Hug, hug, hug right back.











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