Inspiration Always Trumps Motivation


Think about how fun it is to start a new project when it's something you love to do? Say you love to knit, quilt, work on DSC03539car motors or read your favorite author, as long as you love the action, chances are you'll enjoy the project. But what about those projects you don't necessarily like to do? How can we get the same emotional joy at the start of one of those projects and keep it going to the finish?

Somehow we have to find inspiration to do them. Motivation from someone worked when you were a child, and your mom got you to do things you didn't want to do by holding a consequence over your head. But now that you're an adult, it's a good idea to find ways to talk yourself into doing those things you don't really want to do, but should to make your life better. 

On average SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) are very creative and we have vivid imaginations that spark our creativity. What if you used your imagination to pretend you've been hired to do some job you've been putting off? Add to the fantasy by pretending you are being video taped doing that job and that it will be posted on Face Book live as soon as you're finished with the job.

I remember pretending I was my cleaning lady, when I couldn't afford one. As I'd clean, I'd talk to myself about what a mess these people were and I remember actually feeling good about cleaning someone else's home! You know how different it feels when you help to clean somebody's home? You can actually get that same feeling in your own home.

I featured the photo of me and my snowdog because I wanted to write about what happens to me when we have a snowfall with those flakes that make for great snowballs vs those flakes that are powdery and won't stick together. After a big snowfall, I'm the first one in our house to want to get out and see if the snow will bow down to my creativity. That creative urge is always peaked with the presence of "sticky" snow. (The creation in the photo was formed in memory of Chelsea Marie, my basset hound whom I lost many years ago and still resides in my memory waiting to be used to uplift me when I need her.) 

So good snowball snow put's me in the joyous mood to create some happy image, but powder snow makes me want to go in the house by the fire. Inspiration is what's essential if we want to see a project through to the finish whether it's making a memorial snowdog or fixing breakfast or de-junking a constipated closet.

colt on horizon

Music can give us inspiration when faced with a difficult task. When you face a project that you deem boring or mundane, put some up-beat music on and it'll distract you and you'll be finished before you know it.

Whatever you can think of to do to make your life more fun and entertaining will help you run an efficient, well organized home. With Spring here, cultivate that inspirational feeling of new growth. Feel the gifts of this season and allow yourself to bask in the beauty that surrounds us as Mother Nature gets dressed in her new spring look.



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P.S. Here's another blog I wrote about having a happy home. 








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