It Took Us 21 Days to Establish This Habit




In “Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise,”

we said “It takes 21 days to create a habit.” We’ve just proved it’s true even at our age! On January 7, at breakfast, I asked Terry, “Name anything in this room you’d like to have disappear.” 

new clock

He instantly pointed to the clock that has been on the wall for at least five years. He said, “I’d like that clock to be where we can see it better from more places.” Here it is in its new home.



In its place I hung this trio of pictures. The babies in the top picture are Tanner and Kyle, two of our grandsons. (Tanner graduated from college last year and Kyle is a sophomore in college this year.) Their picture is right where the clock used to be and both Terry and I have been looking straight into their happy, little faces to see what time it is, for the last 20 days, until today! We both commented on remembering the clock’s not there any longer!clock


Our habit of looking at that place to see what time it is, took 21 days to dissolve.


Want to give it a 21-day try? Pick some habit you’d like to establish. Just one. Then see if on February 18, you do it without thinking. I’d love to hear what you picked and how you succeeded.


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