It’s Fun to Feel (you fill in the blank)




Terry and I have been taking vitamin supplements from Jigsaw Health for six years because they were recommended by my physician who has helped my husband and me get healthy on a Paleo diet. We don’t know whether to blame our good health on the low-carb diet, the vitamins or a combination of both. We keep hearing that supplements are useless, but I’m just not ready to go along with that theory, because of our good health.

With my last order of vitamins they sent me a gift (probably because I’ve been such a good customer for so many years). It was a t-shirt that says: “It’s fun to feel good.” Yes, it is fun to feel good, but that sentence got me to thinking.


We humans came here to have fun. Life is supposed to be fun and when it isn’t it means one thing, we’re not in alignment with the reason we’re here. Whatever you call the power that is within the Christ, God, inner being or some other name, it wants you to feel good. That idea, “It’s fun to feel good,” is a great place to start with an exercise in having fun right where you are right now.


Think about the million ways you can finish that sentence:

It’s fun to feel clean.

It’s fun to feel love.

It’s fun to feel needed.

It’s fun to feel understood.

It’s fun to feel organized.

It’s fun to feel perky.

It’s fun to feel compassion.

It’s fun to feel silly.

It’s fun to feel informed.

It’s fun to feel companionship.

It’s fun to feel strong.

It’s fun to feel creative.

It’s fun to feel musical.

It’s fun to feel inquisitive.

It’s fun to feel helpful.

It’s fun to feel happy.

It’s fun to feel blessed.

It’s fun to feel rich.

It’s fun to feel relaxed.

It’s fun to feel appreciative.

The list could go on and on. See how many you can come up with. The wonderful thing about having fun feeling anything is that it’s a great spiritual practice just thinking about those feelings. Think about the opposite of each sentence on the list. Take the first one, “It’s fun to feel clean.” Would you be able to say, “It’s fun to feel dirty”? Some people would, like mud wrestlers, football players, little boys and probably some little girls. Did you like to get dirty when you were young? Just the thought of getting mud on me, or in my shoes, or under my fingernails, makes me wince.

Abraham Hicks said: If you’re not thinking about a negative thought, your vibration is going to raise to its natural positive place. Your natural positive place is that sweet spot you hit when you focus on positive thoughts. While you were reading the list of fun things to feel you weren’t thinking any negative thoughts and according to Hicks, if you can maintain that positive place in your mind for 17 seconds your positive signal beams strong and clear out into the Universe. When that happens, you’ll find more good feeling thoughts will come to you and soon you'll find wherever you walk you’ll have a glowing halo of shimmering happiness attending you.


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