I’ve Gone to the Dogs (and you can too)




Our pets are here to teach us about love. They don’t worry about the future and they can help us with that too. I was out this morning walking Maggie our dog and always included in her walk is a raucous rendezvous with Sadie our next door neighbor dog. The two girls love to play with each other and as I watched them greet with such joy and love, it hit me they don’t know about distancing. I’m not saying we shouldn’t distance, but as these good friends smelled each other’s butts, then ran and tumbled and shared slobber I thought about how free they are. They are pure positive love energy and we need that more than anything right now.

Go to your dog or cat and soak up that positive energy. Love on your pets Magsand let them neutralize some of that negative energy you may have collected. This historic time in our lives is teaching us great lessons and one of them is there are far more loving, kind and giving people than there are toilet paper hoarders. My daughter Joanna cleans peoples’ homes and she has had five people cancel. Out of the five, three paid her anyway! Don’t they inspire you to think of ways you can help as we go through this?


I went to my church yesterday via the internet and my minister spoke from her home. She mentioned an amazing site on Face Book that I encourage you to check out. It’s called The Kindness Pandemic. #TheKindnessPandemic. There is post after post of loving people sharing positive stories of kindness. It’s uplifting.

Happiness all 12 Months of the Year

I believe we came to this earth to express love and when we came we knew that God would be with us every second of our time here. When you fear the future, you’ve temporarily forgotten God is with you. So do whatever you can to remember His promise to you. As I started to wash my hands for the millionth time today, the thought came to me to time the Lord’s Prayer and guess what! It took me 20 seconds! So I’ve replaced singing Happy Birthday twice to praying the Lord’s Prayer every time I wash my hands! It’s a powerful prayer that centers me every time I say it.


This challenge has given us a great gift. We can use this time at home to take care of things that we didn’t have time for before. We can use this time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. Now we have time to get back to basics, by teaching our kids how to cook, iron, and do laundry. During this challenge we can take time to be grateful for our loved ones and life itself. Positive thinking takes practice and practice takes time. We’ve needed this time to re-access our priorities. What if we used our imaginations to pretend we’re on vacation instead of seeing this as forced isolation?  


Right now, we are actually closer together in thought with millions of people on this beautiful planet. As you go about your day send your light out into the Universe in the form of positive thoughts for our country. When you acknowledge that God has His hand in all of this, and you really believe it, you are helping to defeat this virus.  

Happiness all 12 Months of the Year

Thank you for allowing me to send you my thoughts. Now join me in going to the dogs!




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