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This photo was taken at a recent Halloween party at our neighbor's home. Read on and you'll find out what we used to make the very realistic beards.

In the video clip in this blog, my sister Peggy and I share some great last minute Halloween costumes and some very good advice.

(You'll notice Peggy has a beard too. In the first segment of the show she demonstrated how to make that beard. You just smear Karo syrup where a beard would be and then roll your face in fresh coffee grounds.) I've discovered a new way to create that beard and it's very "healthy." 

Just smear your face with peanut butter where a beard should go and roll your face in chia seeds. They dry on your face and the combination is actually quite delicious when it's time to take them off.

I experimented with the beard early in the morning last week to see if they'd slough off all over my desk while I worked on finishing my new book. They didn't come off at all! Then before I washed my face, I decided to eat them, scraping my cheeks and putting the concoction into my mouth with every scrape. I really don't like chia seeds and had them in a large bag in the fridge. (I'd read we should have two tablespoons of them a day.) They tasted awful to me and I hadn't used them in about six months and that's when I got the idea to at least use them for something. 

I discovered chia seeds and peanut butter are very good! And I discovered another thing!! I wasn't hungry until 6:00 that night! Those little suckers must swell up in your stomach and you just don't get hungry!

The chia seeds give your beard an "older" look as a collection of them has a "salt and pepper" look to them.

Need more CRISES costumes? There are more ideas on this video on CBS Morning News.

Please, please share this with busy moms you love.

Save their sanity tomorrow.



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