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It was 5:30 pm and I hadn’t had a single “savoring moment” in my hour (I try to get in at least four moments per hour), so I asked Terry, “Do you have a few minutes before dinner to spend some “savoring time outside?”

He knows I do this and he said, “Sure!” And off we went hand-in-hand (savoring moment # one)! I wanted to show him our neighbor’s Fire Thorn bush while it was still in the setting sun. (From our kitchen window, it looked like a big, brilliant, red, exercise ball.) We walked to a vantage point on our property where it was in plain sight and I was thrilled to see the sun had continued to spotlight it (savoring moment # two)!IMG_2933-1.jpg

“Oh wow!” he said. (That’s about all I can ever get out of him, when he’s moved to exhilaration.) He ran back in the house to get his camera and shot this picture. 

Once he was satisfied with the shot he got, we left our view of the neighbor’s yard and headed up the steep hill to our drive-way which is 300 feet long leading to the main road. As we walked along the shiny, black pavement from an earlier rain, we both got engaged in the beauty of our little piece of God's earth.

We have maple trees lining our drive-way and when we planted them eight years ago, we IMG_2919.jpgthought they came from the same mother. NOT! On one side the trees are brilliant orange, transmitting to the world that it’s autumn, but the trees on the other side have barely considered leaving summer behind! We laughed at the result of our uneducated planting. But how can you tell when you buy trees with no leaves? (Our vision was to have a uniformed, tree-lined drive-way to dazzle and delight us and welcome our visitors to our home.)

On our way back to the house I said, “Just think, we’ve been married almost 30 years! If, when we were first married and could still have had kids, we would now have a 29-year-old!”

“Yep and it’d probably still be living at home.”



I got the giggles (they always count for savoring moments) and laughed out loud for 250 feet of our drive-way thinking about that possibility, which could very well have been true if we'd had one late in life like that.

We went into the house and I proceeded to the kitchen to finish fixing dinner. I had to get the coals in the Weber lit and Terry went downstairs to his office to wait for the sentence he loves as much as “Breakfast is ready," and "Lunch is ready.” “Dinner is ready.”

At dinner, we were enjoying barbecued, wild, sockeye salmon, caught fresh in Alaska and a yummy fresh green salad, when the subject came up of our high school class reunion which led to the subject of our age (we’re one month apart and went to the same high school) and how old we are all getting. That made me think about all my classmates who are our age and how we’re all dealing with the way we look now that we're 74-years-old.

I said, "When I put make-up on, I’m not trying to look younger, I’m just trying to look like I’m still alive. I’m so glad I never thought of myself as beautiful, or used beauty to get anywhere in my life. Since that’s been my perspective, I don’t feel a loss of beauty as I’ve aged.”

I could tell he was deeply impressed with my logic, even though he thinks I’m beautiful.

He said, “That’s a big thing to comprehend!”


Then the subject of our un-conceived child came up. I asked him, “If we’d had that child who would now be 29 and living at home, do you think it’d be a boy or a girl?”

He thought for a moment and replied, "Probably transgender.”

Not that I wouldn’t totally enjoy sharing our home with a transgender 29-year-old offspring, I’m very glad I had a tubal ligation after I delivered my last child 44 years ago!

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Thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts even though they don't necessarily help you get and stay organized!



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