Many lovely thoughts for Christmas

This lovely Christmas poem was written by Judith Robinson for her Christmas card this year. She gave me permission to share it with you. She also asked me to make this notation: 2015 Judith Robinson (inspired by Rob Brinkley)

We’d like to give you something:                  

                     Chocolate covered kindness

                     Tender hearts and steak

                     Easy friends and hard rock candy

                     Green lights all the way, everyday

                      White lights in every tree

                      Open doors and minds

                      Love, real love

                      Evenings cool enough to wear your favorite sweater

                      Bright mornings for those cool new shades

                      Good hair days

                      Bad day hugs

                      A twelve piece set of matching second chances

                      Hope and health in the New Year

                      Our most grateful thanks, and happy holidays


I hope you are enjoying this holy time.





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