March Madness: In like a Lion, Out with the Clutter

The weather in March is unpredictable and it reminds me of the challenges of raising happy, healthy organized children. Every day is as_seen_ondifferent and moms have to learn to be flexible and handle the ever-changing bodies and personalities of their children, year-in and year-out. As a mom, and in my career helping disorganized moms create peace and order in their homes, I learned that the less clutter there is, the more peace there is.

Think about what Mother Nature does with her planet with the changing of the seasons. She starts over every year. She de-clutters all through the winter, leaving it looking naked of life and then in the month of March, she daffodil_snowstarts to usher in spring and gives hope that the harshness of winter will soon be over. As spring peeks through the barren landscape it promises freshness and new life.      

De-cluttering is a family affair  


Take this magical month of March to focus on clearing out the dead branches and leaves (your children’s unwanted toys and books and outgrown clothes) with a whirlwind of activity focused on streamlining and preparing for new life. De-cluttering is a family affair, but it’s especially important for children, because they grow quarterly and the winter clothes won’t fit next winter and they won’t be worn this spring.

Pretend you’re an unpredictable wind in March and for just 15 minutes a day (use a timer) fill a large container with un-wanted items that no longer serve you or your family. Be ruthless as the wind. Let March Madness have a new meaning for you. Swoosh through the house like a hurricane with a ruthless eye for clutter and fill that container before the timer goes off.

If you could think of clutter as an evil entity that strangles wind_cartoon.jpgyour peace you’ll be more courageous with your path of clutter destruction. Clutter is one of the biggest causes of friction in a family and March can be the perfect month to blow it away.

Your reward will be peace

In my new book, The Joy of Being Disorganized, I wrote a chapter on clutter and a lot about IPODs (Important Piles Of Decisions). Really clutter represents indecision, so it’s easy to understand when you’re surrounded by indecision how overwhelmed you can be. Indecision is a decision in itself. Decide now to be ruthless as the wind and march those decisions right out of your home.

Your reward will be peace. Think how peaceful you feel when you go on vacation. I think it’s because you get away from your stuff. So why not create a home that makes you feel like you’re on vacation? That’s doable, if you’ll start being wild as the


wind in March.

Here’s a fun de-cluttering game you can play with the whole family. Give each person a garbage bag and have them

go to their room and fill it with unwanted and outgrown items for Goodwill. Set a timer for 15 minutes (you’ll need to help the very young, three to five) and give a prize for the bag that weighs the most. Kids love to weigh things and they’ll love the competition. I’d have the prize (money in an envelope is always nice) ready ahead of time.



The Joy of Being Disorganized

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