Maybe it's Time for a New Bathrobe

Young@Heart: Is it Time for a New Bathrobe? (3:33)

Is it Time for a New Bathrobe?

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I decided it's time for Terry and me to get new bathrobes. Mine is 20 years old and I bought it at a garage sale. It’s heavy and comfy and if I write too much about it here, I’m apt to talk myself out of dumping it. (Maybe I should keep it as my winter robe. On some of those cold winter nights I've found such refuge in it. I also feel spiritual in it sometimes, because it has a hood and when I put it over my head, I feel like St. Francis. Okay, okay it’s going in storage until November when my winter sweaters and coats come out of waiting.

Terry’s robe is another story. It is downright scary! It’s blue plaid velour and after the first washing it lost most of its “lour” and because the arms were too long he cut them off and insisted I didn’t need to hem his alteration project. So I didn’t, leaving the ends frayed in strings that grow longer with every washing.

The thing is, I never think to go bathrobe shopping and only when I’m pampered with a luxurious white terrycloth robe in a fancy hotel do I think it’s time to spring for a new “morning” look.

A Saint and a Blue Man

Terry and I have changed our routine this year and I don’t shower, dress and make the bed first thing in the morning anymore. Instead, we start the day around six with coffee by the fireplace (in winter) and now as it warms up, out on our deck. Then I fix our breakfast in my robe and pajamas. After breakfast we play four hands of Gin Rummy. We spend a good hour together in our robes and we are quite a site! St. Francis and the blue man.

Terry loves his robe, mostly because his daughter gave it to him as a gift about ten years ago. I don’t know about your husband, but Terry would never think to throw his robe in the laundry on his own. I swear he’d wear it for years without washing it.

I know robes are a very private and personal garment. They’re like a child’s blankey or a favorite teddy bear. Have you seen the condition of some of those children’s possessions? Terry’s robe looks just like a child’s well-worn blanket that’s been loved and drug around for a decade and he’s not about to wash out the personal essence of himself that has saturated every fiber of its being.

I want us to have matching white, terrycloth bathrobes, but Terry said, “we’ll look like patients at some clinic.” I don’t agree, I think we’ll feel luxurious, like we're at a five-start hotel where they get you to wear their thick, clean white robes and end up wanting to buy them. Besides, not only will we look clean we’ll be clean! Since all our linens are white and I change them weekly, that would be the perfect time for our robes to be washed on a regular basis. 

Here's the robe I purchased and it's available on Amazon. Just click on the model wearing my robe and she'll take you to my pick.



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