Merry Christmas from the Cheddar Family



Every year as I'm getting organized for Christmas, I start looking for the Christmas letter from the mouse family that lives in our house. Mrs. Cheddar (her name is Mozzarella) is the one who writes it and I’m sure she’s disorganized because I usually receive it in February. I’m always amazed that she finds the time to write at all, considering how busy she is with all those kids. 


Well, the letter came today and as usual I love sharing it with everybody (with her permission of course). 


Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas from Washington State! We hope you all had a great year! As most of you know we live in Terry and Pam’s house. Last year I told about living in their piano (until Pam discovered she couldn’t play the one and only Christmas Carole she knows, because we built our nest on some of the keys and when she hit them the notes didn’t play and of course we were busted!


We’ve only had to move 16 times this year and most of the moves have been to accommodate the kids. Several moved back home due to the economy, but Colby and I have had 46 new babies so it’s really a mouse race around here. GOL (Giggle Out Loud)


Terry and Pam stayed home all summer so there has been more stress this year trying to stay out of their sight. When they travel we get to take over their house (we call that “mouse sitting GOL). It’s really great and we pretend we’re on vacation. They leave after the first of house-1.jpgthe year for two weeks and you better believe we have it on our calendar. 


We’ve lost a lot of weight this year, because Terry and Pam are on a low-carb diet and there are no longer crumbs of any kind in the house. We’re vegetarian so we don’t eat any of their scraps and meat doesn’t make crumbs. We were hoping Christmas would bring cookies, but NO those two are really nuts about their “lifestyle.” Colby has gone down two sizes and I’ve gone down one. At least it’s easier to fit through smaller cracks than before, but we sure miss those crumbs. 

Terry and Pam still insist on having a fresh Christmas tree in their house. It’s always tempting to get up in the limbs and make a home, but we learned our lesson the hard way a couple of years ago when our whole family got thrown over the deck and out in the snow.

My brother Jack and his family actually live in a fake Christmas tree year round and they love it. He told me their home is in the dark for eleven months out of the year, but when the holidays come, their abode is all lit up and it’s so festive until they go back in the box.


I don’t see any signs that a fake tree will happen. I heard Pam say the other day, “I love the smell of evergreens!”

So go camping instead of cutting down a beautiful tree and dragging it into your house! Or better yet you big dumb human, have you ever heard of scented candles?

Since she’ll be getting our Christmas letter, maybe they’ll take the hint! Go fake! 

Merry Christmas from Colby, Mozzarella and the whole Cheddar clan!






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