Merry Christmas from the Cheddar Family

The Cheddar Family is the mouse family that lives in Pam & Terry’s home.)DSC_3252



Dear Friends, it's Mozzarella here. It’s Christmas Eve 2019 and I’ve put off writing our Christmas letter until now! A lot has happened since last Christmas! I’ll start with the good news first. Colby (my husband) got a job doing some local commercials. He looks a great deal like his cousin Mickey and with just a little make-up he’s a dead ringer for him (only more handsome). He’s paid in cheese which is perfect for our family and we don’t need to report it on our income tax return. For Christmas they gave him a basket of a variety of cheeses. The basket was such a bonus! It’s not every day you’re given a new home just because it’s Christmastime! We moved into that basket about two weeks ago! It was so easy to set up our little nest because the basket contained wonderful, shredded filler to keep the cheeses in place and now it makes our home cozy and warm!

DSC_0095We’ve added 269 mice to our family this year, counting the many great, great, great grandchildren,as well as grandchildren and of course some of our own. Life is good for us and we’re thankful to be living in the country, where there’s so much to do! When it snows we sled on plastic spoons we found in the garbage. And tuna cans float nicely down the rapids of the creek that flows through Terry and Pam’s property. This summer was great because they stayed home and when they’re home that means crumbs, spilled birdseed, when they fill the birdfeeders, and leftovers. This has always baffled me, Pam loves blue cheese, but when her lambert, Colby and cheddar cheese slices get green mold on them she throws them out! That’s fine by us, we love moldy cheese.


papaterry and maggie mo


So that’s the good news! The bad news actually happened on October 10 of this year. Pam’s niece Ally Jones has gotten so busy as the art director for Columbia Sportswear with more than 50 people under her direction, that she was feeling guilty how little time she’s had for Maggie her six year old labradoodle. So Maggie came to live with us on October 10 and she’s really put a lot of stress on our family! The main problem is she’s a crumb hog! Thank God she doesn’t eat birdseed! The other problem is she’s scaring the children! She’s huge and her nose is like a Geiger counter only for mice not uranium! She also loves cheese so Pam has been using moldy cheese as a treat for Maggie as they work on a stupid trick Pam calls “Be a Lady.” At that directive Maggie is supposed to cross her front legs. She almost has it down, but frankly, I think she’s playing dumb so she can keep getting our cheese!

We’ve thought about moving, but one of our sons is a real sleuth and he knows what all the pets are in the whole neighborhood. Almost every house has cats, and if I had my choice I’d face Maggie any day, rather than a cat.  

Aside from this new pest, life is good as we snuggle in for the rest of the winter. We look forward to 2020 and all the good that is waiting to present itself to us.

Again, Merry Christmas to you all and may you have a happy and prosperous New Year!


Mozzarella, Colby and all the kids! 

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