Ten to One You Are Disorganized

as_seen_on.jpgOkay, this ratio is not scientific, but in the 40 years I’ve been helping disorganized women, I’m pretty sure it’s very close – maybe 11 to one.

I believe for every BO (Born Organized) there are at least ten SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) and I know the reason why God did this. If it weren’t for us SHEs, the BOs of the world wouldn’t have much to do and they’d get depressed and start re-washing stuff.

 I’m smack in the middle of starting an exclusive, new club for the disorganized (no BOs allowed) and I’m calling it CLUB ORGANIZED. (Well, actually, I’m just changing the name of my website from www.makeitfunanditwillgetdone.com to www.cluborganized.com but in the excitement of being able to get this perfect name for my website, I started thinking about having a real club for us!)



Because you subscribe to my blog, you can be one of my charter members! Of course we won’t have meetings (we’re all too busy) and there won’t be dues or uniforms or secret handshakes, but we’ll all know we belong.

We’ll be a sisterhood of SLOBS (remember SLOB stands for Spontaneous, Lighthearted, Optimistic and Beloved so don’t go getting a kink in your hanky because I called you a SLOB).

Oh and I just might start planning for an annual retreat and you can join me in Woodland, Washington!


The thought of starting this club for us, catapulted me out of bed this morning before the sun came up, mainly because I wanted to figure out what it is that brings us together. Now it doesn’t take a Steven Hawking to know that what binds two or more of us disorganized women together is more than our love for food; it’s our need for girlfriends who love, appreciate, understand and accept us in spite of our disorder. That’s when I came up with the idea of a test for you to see if you’re eligible to be in the club. I did say it’s exclusive and BOs would NEVER let the items on this exam happen to them.

Speaking of Steven, if you haven’t seen The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne, you’ve got to see it! That actor was absolutely brilliant and the story is about the life of Steven Hawking. Steven has Lou Gehrig’s Disease and was told he would live two years. He’s 73! Here’s the trailer for the film. (I know, I’m not supposed to send you off to another website, but I know you’ll come back.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Salz7uGp72c  steven_hawking.png


Because I’ve been playing with SLOBs for 40 years, “I’ve heard everything.” So, within five minutes, of remembering some of your stories and some of my own (okay most are my own) I came up with too many scenarios to keep in my head for the test and that’s how I ended up here at my desk before the robins started their serenade at dawn (which has been extra loud this year at our house).

I’ll give you the test on Wednesday, so watch for it. I’ll want two things from you when you take it. I’ll want you to tally the number of yes answers and then, if you can, come up with a few personal scenarios I haven’t thought of so I can add them to the list.

Until Wednesday, have a wonderful spontaneous, lighthearted, optimistic and beloved day you adorable SLOB!





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