More Money Won't Solve Your Financial Problems




Are you aware that more money won’t solve your money problems?


If you aren’t, you’ll be interested in what this woman had to say about it.



Dear Pam,

I don’t know how to thank you for writing the GOOD Book, except to say THANK YOU!!!!!!  My DH lost his job about a year after I bought the book and we had changed our thinking and behavior so much that during the six months that he was unemployed we were able to keep our heads above the water and now he has a much better job with more money than before! We still have a ways to go to get out of debt, but what we’ve learned about ourselves through this awakening is priceless.  When you said in the book that if you can’t take care of the money you make now, if you get more you won’t take care of that either, was a real light bulb moment.

We both embrace the idea of having an inner child who can talk us into what the advertisers want us to have. You are so right that advertisers aim right at our inner child. We have really come to the place that we enjoy the inner discussions and we share them with each other. The other day, my husband shared with me that his inner child said, “Leave the ad out so Lilly can see it.” We both love kayaking and the ad was touting a 50% off sale of a kayak we have wanted for several years. I loved how honest he was to share his inner thoughts with me. I think our “spending” thoughts strive to get power in numbers. Before the GOOD BOOK he would have left the ad out for me to see, my inner child would see it and between our two “children” we’d have been down at the marina with credit card in hand.  Instead we just laughed at the whole thing, proud of how much fun we are having staying on track.

Our goal is to be debt free in three. . . years.  I know it is going to be a continuing adventure and I can’t wait to feel the peace that will come with no debt.

Thank you again,

Lilly R.

When I was in debt 17 years ago, I really thought that more money would solve my problem, but I was wrong. I had to learn it by living. More money would have caused bigger money problems because my finances were being run by a nine-year-old. My inner child was completely in control and it wasn’t until I met her, got to know her and recognize her thinking that I was able to work with that part of me and guide it to solvency. Getting out of debt, turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime. Lilly and her family are headed for such peace that comes with being debt-free.

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