How's that New Year's Resolution Workin' for You?


Okay, it's been almost six weeks since you made a New Year’s Resolution to stop or start doing as_seen_on.jpgsomething to make a change for good in 2019.


If you haven't been true to your resolution it's NOT a big deal! It just means somehow you talked yourself into doing something you initially didn't want to do. We all fall off our wagons because it's part of growing up (and we never stop growing). What is a big deal is learning how to recognize the sabotaging part of you and develop a healthy relationship with it.

Today, did you talk yourself into doing something you explicitly did not want to do? And if you did, do you know who you were talking to?  Keep reading and also watch the video in this blog.




If you did something you didn't want to do, the sabotaging part of you made the final decision. The good intention part of you lost out. Of course in the end, it was you! You can’t blame it on the devil. But if your discussion ended in you doing what you didn’t want to do it's good to know that other part of you is very powerful.

For me, I call the sabotaging part of me Nelly. She's my inner child. She has a lot of power when I get distracted.

For example, it's snowing right now and I'm all cozy and warm. Terry built a fire and I feel like I'm at a vacation lodge. At least five times Nelly has interrupted my writing with the thought, "Let's quit writing and sit by the fire and have some cocoa." She also came up with "Let's have some of those cookies you baked for Michael's birthday. We could eat two of them before we send his package and he wouldn't even know they were missing when he gets it." These thoughts are all connected to the snow. In my wonderful childhood snow meant Mom baked cookies and made hot chocolate. 

As you may or may not know Terry and I enjoy a low-carb lifestyle and have for years. Cookies and cocoa are not part of it, yet Nelly is all fluffed up trying to work me into having both those special treats.

NOTE: I just got back from packing up Michael's birthday package of goodies and I have to tell you Nelly won! I had baked Mike's two favorite cookie recipes: chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. As I was packing everything up to ship to New York by February 17, Nelly popped up with, "There are way less carbs in snickerdoodles." As I handled the cookes I admired how tasty they looked and before I knew it I ate two of the snickerdoodles and that was AFTER I'd been writing this blog about paying attention to that sabotaging part of you!

The first book I wrote that included my relationship with Nelly was "The GOOD Book: Get Out Of DebtTogether we got out of debt and the ways Nelly shared with me were hilarious! She was able to get me to actually love being on a budget! It took me two years to have zero credit card debt and I shared our step-by-step path to being free of debt in that book. 

FYI if you'd like to listen to the book I have a really good deal (geeze I sound like a used car salesman). If you purchase the CD set of six, I'll give you the E-book AND the printed book for free! Here's the link: 

In this video I promised at the top of this blog, I talk about how to love your inner child. In fact, like I said at the beginning of this blog, if you don't do what you wanted to do it's no big deal. We just get to learn how to get back up on that wagon. 


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