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I'm coming to New York this November! There has been a little confusion about whether the seminar is this November or November 2018, because, well, it said that on the invitation I sent out yesterday. Well it's THIS November. November 28, 2017 Kathy Roberts and I will be doing a Get Organized in 2018 just enough to please you workshop. Actually we'll be in Arlington, New Jersey for the workshop and luncheon as you'll see in the body of this blog. I hope we can get together!

My son Michael and his family moved to Brooklyn last July and I'm going to visit them in November for Thanksgiving. Terry is going to stay home because of finances. (We shot our travel budget this summer going to Italy.) I'm flying on frequent flier points!

About a month ago, I was telling my friend Kathy Roberts (we've done two webinars together), that I'm going "back east" and she said, "Let's do a workshop together while you're here!" I said, "I leave to come home the day after Thanksgiving and doing a get organized workshop the week before Thanksgiving would be nuts!" She agreed, but then she said, "Stay longer and we'll do it after Thanksgiving."

Here's the back-and-forth dialogue after her comment:

Me, "No I can't change my flight because I'm using frequent flier points and when I booked it, they told me it'd cost me if I changed anything."

"Call 'em and just see if it really will. And if it costs you one cent, it'll be a sign we don't do it."

"So when should we have the workshop?"

"November, 28, does that sound good? It's on a Tuesday and you could go home on Wednesday."

"Okay, I'll call 'em."

So I called the airline and told the woman when my flights were and that I used frequent flier miles to book them and that someone had told me I couldn't change the flights or it'd cost me money. She tapped in the info and asked me the date changes? I told her the new dates and she tapped some more. 

"Well by changing your flight, you'll get 17,000 miles back!" I couldn't wait to tell Kathy!

Once we knew we could do our workshop on Tuesday, November 28, we've merged our teaching to bring you a very fun and informative day! AND LUNCH TOO!


As we've become closer, we've discovered we approach life from the same angle...that life is supposed to be good. Everything is always working out and we no longer push to try to make anything happen. Just like in changing the flights, we were happy with either result. If it's easy then it's right and good.

I've got at least 25 years on Kathy, so our perspectives are different just because of the age difference. That's a really a good thing for us as teachers blending our message, because it covers a wider range of ages. (I'm sort of the "assurer" that life just gets better and better.) The bottom line is we're going to have fun with you when you show up. We have no idea or expectation of numbers, just that we want to do this! Since it's a spur-of-the-moment affair, and right smack during the holidays, we know there will be no BOs (Born Organized) coming for sure! But you are a different story. You love spur-of-the-moment events and this gathering is going to be filled with fun so I know you'll be there if you can.

On Halloween, I got stuck in traffic on the interstate so I played my Happy ABC car game with four little kids I used on television that day and their mom. (Here's a link to the show      In my game, everyone has to come up with a word (person, place, thing) that makes them happy as they go through the alphabet. On A, I said, "Apple pie (most of my words are food and restaurants and a lot of people)." The mother of the four kids said, “Athletes.” Avery, her nine-year-old, adorable daughter, who came on the show as my instant bunny, piped up, “Avery! Because I make myself happy!” Wow, this little girl is a happy magnate. She is the reason I invited them to come on television with me in the first place. She’s a human lighthouse beaming joy every time I see her and now we know her secret! We can all be human lighthouses and in Kathy's and my gathering on November 28 you'll be inspired to be happy with you and get organized just enough to please you in 2018. 


I hope you can join us! Get your calendar out and see if the date will work for you. The cost is $99 and it includes lunch. AND (drum roll) if you bring a friend she comes free! Consider it a girl's day out. Kathy has been to this restaurant before and she said the food is delicious. So let's have lunch and get ready for 2018 which is going to be the best year ever! November 28, 2017 from 12:00 to 4:00.

Just click on my drive-way to register!IMG_2920.jpg









 See you soon! 


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