My Famous Deviled Eggs Recipe Revealed

Pam_YoungSo here is my challenge. My deviled eggs against yours. Anytime. Anyplace.

You might say, "Hey, boil the eggs, moosh them up with mayo, and you're done."

Not mine. I have secret ingredients that make them the most delicious for miles around.

Whadaya say? Are you up for my challenge? deviled

Just one condition. My husband is the judge!!!


Deviled Eggs

8 eggs

One quarter tsp. Lawrys Seasoned Salt

2 tsp. Penzeys Italian Dressing Base

Dash of Cayenne pepper

Fresh ground pepper to taste

One quarter cup mayonnaise


Hard Boil eggs (about ten minutes). Peel when cooled and cut in half long ways. Put yolks in a bowl and add all ingredients. Mix well. Fill egg whites with mixture and refrigerate until served.



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