Pass this Test to Join Club Organized!




Would you like to be in Club Organized and get organized just enough to please YOU?


Good, because this exclusive club for you, and not just anyone can join. You'll have to pass an admissions exam. As long as you can answer yes to at least five of the scenarios in the exam below you can be in the club. No BOs (born organized) allowed.



Of course we won’t ever have meetings (we’re all too busy and we'd only forget when they were!) and there won’t be dues or uniforms or secret handshakes, but we’ll all know we belong.

And we just might start having an annual convention here in Woodland, Washington. We’ll be a sisterhood of SLOBS (remember SLOB stands for Spontaneous, Lighthearted, Optimistic and Beloved) and we’ll be bound together by our love for our families and our desire to have clean, cozy, peaceful homes.

Here’s the test I promised you. Don't forget, if you can honestly answer yes to five of these SHE scenarios, you’re in the club! If you can answer yes to 10 of them you're eligible for admission into the highly coveted DE status (Deficiency Expert) of the club.


I have worn my pajamas under my coat to carpool because I was running late.

I have been overdrawn and have had to pay overdraft fees.

I have had to search for my purse, keys, shoes, glasses, cell phone pen and/or remote.

I have made “Get Organized” a New Year’s Resolution more times than I want to remember.

I always forget to take my cloth bags into the grocery store.

I had at least one of my children because I failed to note the time of the month.

I have been late paying bills because I forgot to go to the post office for stamps.

I have lost my car in large parking lots.

I have missed flights because I forgot to adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

I have purchased clothes that I could sleep in without wrinkling

I have stashed clutter in a spare bedroom to hide it from unexpected company.

I have been scared of the contents in storage container’s in my refrigerator.

I often make a grocery list and leave it at home.

I have missed appointments because I didn’t look at my calendar.

I have lost track of time when doing something I love to do.  JUST TEN TO GO

I have no sense of direction.

I have no concept of time.

I have had to have kids re-inoculated because I lost records when we moved.

I have lost important papers and had to pay to get replacements.

I have been late filing my income tax returns.

I have tried to get into someone else’s car because I wasn’t paying attention. JUST FIVE TO GO

I have kept drapes closed because my house was a mess and didn’t want company.

I have fed the cat tuna because we were out of cat food.

I have written times down on calendars without designating what or where.

I owe thank you notes throughout time to those I love and didn’t thank.

Did you answer  YES  to five or more questions?  HOORAY. Welcome to the club!

Now that you’ve taken the test, did it spark any memories of similar events in your life? I’d love to hear from you so I can add them to the exam! Just email me at

One more request, please go to the Club Organized Facebook page and click the "like" tab, that way we can count members! 



P. S. I have lots of help for you including a helpful and fun series of cleaning videos starring  The Cleaner Guy!!. If you enjoyed this blog, here's one from the past you might enjoy. 




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